How to Jailbreak Kindle Touch?

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Ever thought of jailbreaking your Kindle Touch? Yifan Lu, a freelance developer, released a process by which you can easily hack into your Kindle Touch device. The process is very simple:

  • Download the .zip file from here.
  • Extract the contents from this .zip file and copy the mp3 over to the music folder on your Kindle Touch.
  • Open the mp3 file and play it. If a screen shot appears at the right side of your Kindle Touch then it means that you have successfully hacked your device.


jailbreak kindle touch  jailbreak kindle touch


As explained by TechOncept about this jailbreak, “As you know, Kindle Touch uses a completely different code base from previous Kindles. Yifan Lu, the hacker who has developed this jailbreaking tool, has discovered that the code base is written mostly in HTML5 and JavaScript. The HTML5 base has provided the hacker a security hole. Yifan has integrated his hack in an mp3 and when your device plays the mp3, it also executes the hack code. This hack roots your Kindle and allows you to install other hacks on your device.”

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