iOS Apps Crash More Than Android Apps [Report]

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A recent survey by Crittercism shows that iOS applications face more crashes then Android apps. This report has been derived from the crashes between December 1, 2011 to December 15, 2011 those were tested in 23 iOS versions and 33 Android versions.

iOS vs android, ios apps, android apps

The graph above shows that iOS has the largest figure where iOS 5.0.1 has a proportion of 28.64% of crashes. Relating to crashes we generally wonder the reason behind it which is stated by Andrew Levy, Crittercism CEO,

“This can be due to hardware issues, such as the use of location or GPS services or cameras; it could be due to the Internet connection, that is, how a phone connects to 3G or WiFi, or that the device is not connected to the Internet at a certain moment, or that something happens during the switch between 3G and WiFi. There could also be issues with language support on certain devices. There can also be memory problems if an app uses too much memory.  It can be a mix of both hardware and software issues that developers may or may not be responding to.”

iOS vs android, ios apps, android appsAccording to Forbes, the vital reason behind app crashes can also be the OS updates where some applications are not updated by users or developers don’t fix the bugs. Crittercism examined the test with about 214 millions apps those launched between November to December 2011, where on the 1st quartile Android apps crashed 0.15% and iOS apps crashed 0.51%. On the 2nd quartile Android apps faced 0.73% crashes whereas iOS apps faced 1.47%. On the 3rd quartile, 2.97% of Android apps crashed and 3.66% of iOS apps.

Moreover Crittercism tested the number of iOS crashes in different devices where 74.41% crashes occurred on the iPhone, 10.72% on the iPad and 14.87% on the iPod Touch.

iOS vs android, ios apps, android apps

 [Source: Forbes]

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