How to Recover Your Hacked Facebook, Twitter and Gmail Accounts?

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The most scary activity we are concerned about on the web is ‘getting our accounts hacked’. Well, ‘hack’ would be the wrong word to say rather I’ll state it as ‘crack’. Crackers are spreading all over the web spying in our accounts with a chance to crack our passwords. I have seen many of my friends panic after their Facebook or Twitter accounts are cracked. Only a few of them manage to recover them and the rest few choose to open a new account. But most of the sites (almost all) have the option to recover your hacked account with the aid of their support team. Although that might take sometime to recover your account but hopefully they work. The most secure way to keep your account safe is to use a strong password containing upper-lower case and alpha-numeric characters.

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In this post I’ll mention a few popular sites along with their official links to recover your cracked account.


Twitter provides a few options to clarify the problem with your account. Whether you’re unable to sign in or a suspended or hacked account, they provide you the resetting options. As you keep selecting the options they offer you the solutions.


To recover your hacked Twitter account visit the link given below:


Facebook provides you the option to enable https that keeps your account secure. Well, Twitter also has this option and you just need to enable it in your account settings. Enabling https keep hackers away from your account but still if you have disabled it for accessing third party apps and games then there are chances for your account to get cracked.


To recover your hacked Facebook account visit the link given below:



If you have trouble logging in to your Gmail account, first of all provide your email address associated with your Gmail account so that they can reset your password.  Next you can select your issue from a list of options provided and follow the step by step instructions.


To recover your hacked Gmail account visit the link given below:


Hope this article helps you resetting your account. Do share your feedbacks on it.

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