Downloading Media Can Save Physical Space And Is More Affordable

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Downloading media like music and movies is obviously very convenient, but there are several other benefits that some people don’t readily consider. If you download media instead of buying physical copies of it, then you are able to save a lot of room. You can also save a lot of money because the distributors don’t have to pay as much to release the movies and music. If you care about your personal space, wallet and the environment, then you should try downloading more media.

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Just Data

If you buy a physical copy of any media, then you are buying extra material that you really don’t need. The most wasteful part is the casing. Every music and video CD has a relatively large amount of plastic that creates tons of additional garbage at landfills. Movies are worse because their cases are larger, but there is still a lot of plastic used for music CDs.

The covers and inserts are also wasteful. You can easily download these images to your computer, smartphone or tablet without having to use the massive amount of paper and ink required just to print these sections.

Many resources are needed to create the CDs, but the worst part is that they are incredibly toxic if exposed to high temperatures. The CDs are also prone to being scratched and damaged even if you use them as intended.

If you download media, then you are just downloading a digital file. You don’t need to waste the plastic, paper, ink and polycarbonate when you download a file. You’re just getting the essential electrons that are placed on the movie and music CDs. While you will need to use computers and other devices that are made from plastic to download the media, this will still save many resources.

More Room

If you collect movies and music, then you probably have a good chunk of your space dedicated to storing the media. This may not be a problem for some people, but others have a difficult time storing anything else in their room or house because they have so much music and movies. If you want to have more room, then just download the media.

Smartphones and tablets can store many files, and most devices can be expanded with SD memory cards. The average movie file is about 700MB to 1.3GB. The standard SD card can hold about 32GB. This means that you can store 25 movies or more on that tiny memory card. You can store even more music because the files are lighter.

If you replace all of your movies and music with digital files, then you can significantly increase the space in your room or house.


Another great benefit of downloading media is that it’s generally much cheaper. There are some exceptions where a movie or album is only $1 less, but most files are at least 30 to 50 percent cheaper if you download them. The main reasons for this are because fewer resources are needed and distribution is easier.

Consider how much plastic is needed to distribute 10,000 movies. The distributor needs to make this money back so that it stays in business. The easiest way to cover this cost is by passing it to the consumer.

Distribution is also much easier. The distributor doesn’t need to hire drivers, secure retail space or handle advanced priced negotiations. The media is uploaded to the iOS, Android or Windows servers. That’s all there is to it. This means that you don’t need to pay nearly as much because there are fewer costs for the distributor to cover.

An average movie costs about $25 or more when it first comes out if you buy a physical copy. A digital copy will typically cost about $10 or less. You can buy two movies, and have money left for snacks.


While there is something special about owning a physical copy of something, it’s much better to start downloading media. This can help you save a lot of room, you won’t use nearly as many resources and it costs much less to buy a digital copy of the newest movies and albums. Not only that, but you can easily transfer your files between your devices so that you can have your favorite media with you wherever you are.


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