How to Backup Your Posterous Spaces?

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A sad news has arrived for all Posterous users that they won’t be able to access their Posterous spaces anymore after April 30, 2013. The site is going to shut down after the date and users won’t be able to create, edit or moderate their spaces. The reason for shutting down the site is their authorities will be focusing on Twitter. Posterous was acquired by Twitter about a year ago and since the site is shutting down they are allowing users to backup their data. Since users would not be able to access their spaces it is necessary for them to backup their spaces including their documents, photos and videos.

Backing up your Posterous data


  • Click ‘Request Backup’ in the space that you need to save.


  • Enter your email address in the pop-up where you want Posterous to send your backup file.
  • Click ‘Start Backup’.


  • Posterous will initialize your request and send you an email when your backup file is ready.
  • Return to and download your .zip file.

And since you are no longer using Posterous after that, you can create a new blog in relevant sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Importing your backed up Posterous files to other platforms is similar as importing your Blogger blog to

Remember all Posterous users should backup their data by April 30, 2012.



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