Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Glass

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Last time I mentioned about how Google Glass can transform the face of technology in this era. Glass is built to make lives easier and simpler where you can find all the information at a single spot. But is it really worth making lives effortless? There are several issues that people are still concerned about, for example their privacy or their appearance while wearing Glass, and so on. Talking about public privacy, there should be certain limitations of Google Glass those are required to get accomplished by Google.


Secondly, Glass is somewhat weird to look at due to its thickness that is designed on a single area. The one wearing it can be comfortable but public might find it unusual. On the other hand about loading information, Glass might not be able to detect unsupported objects and hence, that might cause a lot of disappointment to the user. So you can say, other than having a number of advantages there are certain disadvantages of Google Glass. Come let’s count its pros and cons.

Advantages of Google Glass


  • Glass is sleek, light and easily wearable and you won’t require keeping it on and off your pockets, like mobile phones.
  • No Bluetooth or camera needed when Glass is on, it’ll do all for you.
  • Glass will provide you detailed information and satisfactory results on your queries.
  • Make phone calls, sms, emails though Google Glass, no smartphone required.
  • Keep your calendar events, information, contacts updated on Glass.
  • Easier navigation and maps will be provided through Glass.
  • Glass will make you look hi-tech and updated on technology and create an impressive impact on people.

Disadvantages of Google Glass

  • Glass might give you a ‘nerdy’ look that might create clumsiness among
  • No indication while clicking pictures (like pointing the camera) which almost sounds like a hidden camera trying to capture a non-ready subject.
  • Chances are there to drop yourself down in the road while reading a text or email since you can’t get your eyes off it.
  • No public privacy concern so the worry of leaking out information still remains.
  • Competition is on pace. The future might bring a contact lens version of Glass after which Google Glass is supposed to sink.

Hence, Google Glass has certain positive and negative factors that users should be aware of before getting it. If you have any other thought about the merits or demerits of Google Glass please don’t hesitate to share them with us.



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