Building a Writer’s Brand with #Instagram

When talking about Instagram, the first thing that comes up in our mind is photography. Basically, photographers use that platform to share their work and creativity. But how is Instagram beneficial to people who have not associated with photography anyway? Think about a writer. How can a writer build his/her image with Instagram when the site is not associated with writing anyway? You got the right issue on your mind. But the fact is that Instagram has a huge role in lifting up budding writers or even the professional ones. Let’s know it how.

How can Instagram help you build a Writer’s Brand?

Instagram presents the virtual image of a subject which is pertinent to your writing. As you know a picture speaks a lot about the subject that cannot be expressed in words. Instagram does the same for writers. When a writer publishes her first eBook, she shares it on the social media first. That may be with a status update or the link to that eBook.  But that diverts the attention of the reader to the content of her update rather than the picture. Instagram does just the opposite of it.

How to Build the Writer’s Brand with Instagram?

Share your latest releases

While you publish your self-published eBook or paperback copy, click an image of the cover. Share that image on Instagram by highlighting the title and caption. Yes, do not forget to show up the author name. Because that’s what will create an impression on your followers and open the door for new readers and followers. The image creates a visual mindset on readers and that diverts their attention to the book, followed by the urge to learn about the content.

Use #hashtags

Use of hashtags makes your post viral and publicly available. But make sure you use relevant hashtags instead of using the unnecessary ones. Images which are related to your writing should be tagged with proper hashtags so that they reach people from similar profession and network. This will increase your profile visibility among others. Avoid using too many hashtags since they clutter up the post and people will overlook the caption.

Share whatever inspires you

A number of images are available on the web which consists of inspirational quotes and lines. Say you are browsing the web and a quote inspired you a lot, and you’d like to share that quote with your Instagram followers. You immediately pick up that image and share it on Instagram depicting your followers that you are quite motivated by it. A powerful quote will probably change their mood and they also might get motivated for work. This also depicts how an engrossed writer you are and how passionate you are about writing.

Interact with others

Keep that interaction move on. The conversation should not only be one-sided. People normally lose interest from people who use a social media one-sided only. Look what others are posting in and start commenting on their pictures. Keep the conversation more interactive so that others are compelled to join it. Let others know what you are all about and recognize you. Build your network the precise way.

Follow the successful authors

While you are busy inspiring others, don’t forget to grab some inspiration from others too. Start following the most successful people, or maybe authors, to get some more motivation for your work. You can learn a lot from their images and postings and that can generate newer ideas for you.

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