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Download Official Twitter Client for Nokia Devices


After so long, Twitter finally released its official app for Nokia S40 smartphones. Nokia is the widely used smartphone that is appreciated by consumers. Now instead of visiting the mobile site, S40 users can directly sign up for Twitter through this app and start connecting with others. Get instant notifications and read from people you follow, send @replies, DM’s, view profiles and more.

Official Twitter client for Nokia is available in the Nokia Store for free.

Download Twitter for Nokia Series 40 .


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How to Tweet Using MS Outlook? [Tutorial]

Microsoft Outlook is a great tool for sending emails. If you are too busy emailing and can’t give enough time to your twitter followers, then there’s an easiest way where you can use twitter along with emailing your friends/colleagues. TwInbox is such a Twitter client which helps you send/receive tweets in your MS Outlook folder. Besides sending and receiving tweets you can send DM, manage multiple Twitter accounts, send @replies, search keywords, etc. with TwInbox.

  • Click on TwInbox→ Options.
  • Connect with your Twitter account and authorize the application.

  • Select an Outlook folder where you want to store your tweets.

  • Click ‘Finish’.

Your home feed will be displayed on clicking your selected folder. You can also view your @mentions and DM’s in that particular folder.

To send a new tweet click on the ‘New’ button in the TwInbox toolbar.



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How to use Twitter from Gmail?

Till now most of you might have heard about using Twitter from Google+, Facebook and such other sites. Did you ever heard or thought of tweeting from your Gmail account? Well, let me tell you, this feature has also not lacked behind. Now you can tweet using your Gmail account and you don’t need to open Twitter in a separate window. TwitterGadget is such an application that has enabled all the basic features that you generally use in Twitter. If you want to enable the Twitter app in your Gmail account, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Login to Gmail.
  • Go to Mail SettingsLabs.
  • Enable ‘Add any Gadget by Url’ and Save.

Then your Gmail will restart again automatically.

  • After it opens, go to Mail SettingsGadgets.
  • Enter the url in the ‘Add a gadget by its url’ bar and click Add.

Thus you’re almost done.
Now you can see the TwitterGadget app displaying in your Gmail sidebar.

Login with your Twitter credentials and start tweeting!

TweetFire: an all new Twitter Client for iOS

How many of you iPhone users are bored of using the same Twitter client? Newly released by Phrygian Labs, TweetFire is a refreshing and speedy Twitter app for iOS devices. The developer claims that TweetFire is a ‘Blazing Fast’ app that loads faster and navigates very rapidly at lightning speed. Its unique interface provides you all the shortcuts buttons to home, mentions, DM’s, search and profiles. Tweetfire supports multiple Twitter accounts and Flickr integration for uploading pictures and sharing them. More features include:

  • Instapaper for saving links to tweets.
  • Kik Messenger for sharing links with Kik users.
  • integration for viewing Favstar pages and awarding ‘Tweet of the Day’
  • Facebook, Sms, Pinboard, Read it later, etc. for sharing.
  • Other photo sharing providers.

TweetFire is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It comes with a size of 9.9 Mb and is free of cost.

Download Tweetfire from the App Store.