Best Online Resources for a Writers Promotion

The internet has become an ideal and rapid resource for writers and freelancers. The development of various tools and websites for writers has provided a great aid in their career progress. With the help of such websites freelancers are getting projects faster and they can even complete them within time. Similarly, they can start their own blogs, create ebooks, publish them swiftly and share with their friends in a single click. But this is quite a hectic job to find the right resources for the job, and that also occupies a lot of time. This is why I am providing you information about the best tools for writing those are worth trying.

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Digital Writing Tools

Digital note writers are not only like MS Office files but much more than that. Tools like Evernote, Zoho Writer and Shutterborg lets you create doc files, sync files from your pc, store them online, share with colleagues and access them from anywhere.

Content Writing Websites

Freelance writers have this great source to share their contents with the world. Get paid and readership for your articles and receive feedbacks from senior writers. Sites like Triond, Wikinut, Brighthub, Bukisa,, etc. are the major sources to promote your content and increase popularity.

Freelance Writing and Project Finding Resources

This is a paid resource for every writer. You get paid for providing content and charge the way you want. There are number of employers seeking for freelance writers for their companies, part time as well as full time. You deliver your articles at the given time period in order to receive more offers next time.,,, are the websites where you can sign up as a freelance content writer and receives projects accordingly.

Create Ebooks

If you have bulk of content with you then why not put it into an ebook? Today ebook publishing has become an easy task. Since lots of websites are offering free ebook publishing, where the author can publish his ebook himself, it’s no more a hassle. and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers such services. You just need to create your account, upload your ebooks’ .pdf or .doc file and hit publish. Readers can download the ebooks easily with the link.

Start your own Blog

Start your own blog and share your articles, get lots of readers and receive feedbacks. Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are the top blogging platforms where you can start your blog for free. There are no criteria in publishing a blog post which most of the websites have.

Social Networks and Communities

Social media have a huge role in a writer’s career development. You can connect with numerous other writers, form a community and share your views and articles. Since majority of the readers come from social networking sites it keeps a strong hold in forming a tough position. You can join several writing communities like WritersCafe, Authonomy, Goodreads, Writers Digest and Backspace which provide a great support in forming your career.

Smartphone Apps

The resources do not end here, but if you are smart enough to use a smartphone then numerous apps can be worth helpful. iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices have developed a number of apps specifically built for writers those can increase productivity. You can check them out below.

iPhone/iPad: Documents to Go- Office Suite, Dictionary, Evernote, Amazon Kindle, Instapaper, Editorial, Blogger, WordPress, Wikipedia.

Android: Scribd, Dictionary, WordPress, Kingsoft Office, Amazon Kindle, Evernote, Wikipedia.

Windows Phone: Office, WordPress, Evernote, Amazon Kindle, Dictionary.

Hope you find a great way with these resources in building up your writing profession. 🙂

Top IT Security Threats Faced by PC Users

With the expansion of the worldwide web, the increase of cyber criminals and threats has also intensified. This is why a number of security measures have been taken by cyber experts, but the question remains that “Is the worldwide web still secured?” Or “Will hackers be able to break such measures and increase threats?”  These questions still remain unresolved for there is no end to cyber threats for lots of new techniques are coming up everyday.

cyber security, cyber security threats, ddos attacks, 

A new report investigated that in the year 2012 a growing number of attacks has been targeted in the cloud system and BYOD (Bring your own Device). The more modern the malware is, the more they aim for the latest systems. Cyber criminals always target the weakest platforms like cloud services, social networks and personal devices. Let’s give a detailed view at the security threats those are generally faced by users.

Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are the oldest and common threats. Earlier virus used to infect only a computer, but today it has expanded its reach to mobile devices. Especially, Android devices are more likely to get infected with malwares. A virus infected computer can be flushed with the help of Blackhole. Blackhole is the most popular malware exploit tool-kit. It silently runs in the web server, detects all the threats in the software running in your pc and pulls off.

Virus infections are mainly delivered via spam emails and attachments, untrusted websites and links, untrusted downloads, third-party apps, etc. To stay prevented from such malwares you should install a trusted anti-virus program in your computer.

Targeting Cloud Data and Mobile Platforms

cyber security, cyber security threats, ddos attacks, 

Cloud storage services are the latest trend and platform to store your data. But the question arises, “Is my data safe with them?” Cyber criminals are mostly targeting this field because all big and small business uses it to protect their files. Users access their cloud files both through mobile and pc that makes the risk even greater. Even Android is not left out by cyber criminals and they do love attacking this platform again and again. So a lot of security measures require to be taken on mobile OS’s and cloud based services.


BYOD is another trend going on where a user likes to use his own pc or device to stay connected to other networks. Especially, the risk remains for corporate workers. A lot of sensitive data is being accessed and shared in BYOD that gives heavy chances to cyber criminals to break into it because your data is least protected there.

Violation of Data

Data breach is another common threat where your personal data like email address, phone number or any confidential details is stolen. Whereas, the victim doesn’t recognize the actual motive behind the theft.  Earlier this year, LivingSocial, world’s 2nd largest online offering company after Groupon, was being targeted where 50 million passwords was stolen out of 70 million registered users. However, no financial details were stolen but the victims had to reset all their passwords.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service mainly targets root nameservers and the threat increases when the target is a bank website. With 7000+ attacks everyday DDoS is one of the rising threats.

Know How DDoS Attacks Take Place?

Preventive Measures from Threats

To keep you prevented from such threats a number of tools and softwares are there. Personal software inspector is free PC utility that recognizes the threat in third-party applications that can harm your pc. PSI scans your pc software and protects it with necessary security updates.

The other tool is the Complete Patch Management Software for you managing and automatically patching a windows

Best Free Websites to Ping your Blog

By reading the heading you will definitely have some questions in mind. Some of them will be like “What is ping? What are the free websites to ping my WordPress or Blogger blog?”,etc. Let me answer your questions.

Ping or pinging is something like saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’. Similarly on internet you say hello to search engines and blog directories. You ping search engines and blog directories whenever you update your blog or website. Whenever you ping, the servers get alerted and send crawlers to your site. Pinging services also helps to increase traffic. Below you can see the best free websites to ping, so you can take the benefit. You just need to put the title and link of your blog or website and click on the Ping button.

Tip: Although pinging has so many benefits it advisable to ping atleast with only two services.

List of free websites to ping for your WordPress or Blogger blog

Google Ping

best websites to ping your blog

Google ping is one of the best free website which helps you submit your links to 100+ services, with no time, including many blog services, feed services, etc. You just need to put your blog name, Blog url, RSS url (optional), and your email address.


best websites to ping your blog

This is one of the best free websites with awesome and user-friendly interface you will find among all the available services.


best websites to ping your blog

You might think why Pingler is among best free websites. So the answer is, Pingler provide you free as well as paid services. This is one of the best ping service among the web.

Some more names which worth a look are as follows:

Total ping
Ping Sitemap
Blog Ping Tool

Share with us your best free website you use to ping and feel free to comment and please share your views.


About the Author: Anurag Jain is a professional Blogger with expertise in SEO and SMM. He is a technology lover Anurag Jainand Social Media enthusiast. He has written many articles on TechieOasis, including Best Android Email Apps which are loved by people all over web. He is used to write on unique and problem-solving topics. He loves to connect with new people, so join him on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Why is Cyber Security in India So Poor?

Today cyber crime has become one of the biggest threats for web entrepreneurs. Every single day we hear news of sites getting hacked, but the latest stats are worse than what we think.

RPN Singh, Minister of State for Home said in Lok Sabha that a total of 303, 308, 371 and 48 government websites belonging to various Ministries and Departments were hacked during 2010, 2011, 2012 and up to March 2013, respectively. This information was provided by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). He also added that Department of Information Technology has taken important steps to protect the sensitive information on these government websites.

Indian cyber space is often targeted Chinese , Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers. The latest one was DRDO hacking in which Chinese hackers have accessed sensitive data of Indian defense. Pakistani hackers had already hacked website of CBI and server of NIC. The question that arises here is why only Indian cyber space is often targeted? Is Indian cyber space is very easy to exploit or the Indian companies don’t take much security measures?

To get the answer we manage to contact an Independent Indian Security researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan.

Indrajeet Bhuyan explain us the possible reason for the huge damage to Indian cyber space. He says

Indian cyber space is often targeted by various hackers from all around the world because Indian companies don’t care much about the security due to which it becomes easy for even script kiddes to exploit them”

Indrajeet Further told us about the difference of response that he got from Indian companies and foreign companies when he reported vulnerabilities to them.

“When I reported vulnerability to they patched it within a very less time on the other hand I reported Vulnerability to IIT Bombay about 4 months ago but till now I did not get any reply and the bug is still not patched. This is the case with most of the Indian companies, they don’t take security bugs seriously due to which a hacker without much effort can hack them”

Here are a few screenshots of responsible security disclosure showed by Indrajeet which are not yet patched.

cyber security

cyber security

Therefore, protecting the web is one of the most necessary steps required to be taken. Cyber criminals are growing each day and so are cyber attacks. If such prevention is delayed then the Indian cyber web will soon be in the downfall. A better web runs with the best security and that is what the Indian cyber sector requires to obtain.

Website Builders: The Complete FAQ


Website builders are real godsends for independent professionals (photographers, lawyers, doctors, models, etc.) and businesses. They offer everything you need to create a full-fledged website. However, regardless of all their obvious advantages, there are still many misconceptions and questions about site constructors. In this article I’m going to answer the most frequently asked questions about website builders and debunk some of the most common myths.

1. Are there completely free platforms?

Yes, there is a plethora of completely free online site constructors. However, they may differ in their functionality. Take your time to compare as many free plans as possible to find the one that will work best for you. To save your time and effort, you can read professional independent reviews of the top website builders.

Avoid web services with free trials – their ‘absolutely free’ packages expire in thirty days and then they start charging you. Luckily, there are services, like uCoz, where a free version remains free forever.

2. Do I have to know any programming language to use website builders?

No. These platforms don’t require any experience in webmastering. They are based on the extremely convenient editors (WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editors). They are so easy in use that even kids can build websites with their help.

However, if you have some coding experience you may want to select a platform that offers lots of room for customization. On uCoz, for example, you can equally use a default template or create your own. Website builders that allow their users using their own codes help customers create truly personalized, exceptional websites.

3. Is it possible to create a professional looking website using a website builder?

Yes, of course. Given the variety of the stunning designs, tools, widgets and gadgets available online, creating a professional looking website is a piece of cake these days. If you have an eye for design, an interesting concept and some inspiration, you can create a full-fledged, neat website in a matter of minutes without spending a dime.

However, if you want to use your website for your business purposes, you’d better opt for a paid package (they are usually rather cheap) in order to be able to remove the advertisement, system copyright, and to expand your website functionality.

4. Once I have created a website on a website builder, can I modify it?

It depends on the website builder. On Wix, for example, once you have chosen the template, you can’t switch it. While on uCoz you can swap your templates freely. What’s more, on this particular platform you can modify your website by attaching additional Modules to your main page (Forum, Blog, Polls, Mini Chat, Gallery, etc.).


Many are hesitant about using website builders, since there are many misconceptions surrounding these web services. However, most of them are pure fiction. Modern website builders are very reliable, safe, and versatile. They offer all you need to create, maintain and optimize your pages in one place. As for me, such platforms are the best solution for those who wish to own a personal website but don’t have enough professional experience.