Windows Phone Emoticons Explained!

Windows Phone emoticons scripts are quite different from what we use in general. Some WP7 users might be quite confused because the texts they use manually don’t work due to their separate codes. So to make it easier for people the Windows Team Blog has posted the detailed scripts while using an emoticon. These scripts might not work if you are not using them from Windows Phone or Windows Live Messenger. The emoticons look quite amusing.

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(Via: Windows Phone Team blog 1 & 2)

Windows Phone 7 takes home ‘Operating System of the Year 2011’ Award

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Good news for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 users! Know your mobile announced Windows Phone 7 as the Best Operating System of the Year 2011. The OS has been awarded because of its captivating Metro UI and easily customizable interface. Well this is a huge achievement for WP7 developers who input their skills and hard-work in creating such a user friendly operating system. As said by the judges,

‘It has the most potential, with a unique interface and a rapidly growing apps selection. It has a great looking UI and doesn’t look like Android or iOS.’

‘A massive move from the previous OS. Huge growth in apps and the system looks heaps better than the competition.’

‘Innovative interface, with more success to come.’

‘A refreshing OS that doesn’t try and copy other operating systems. Has attracted a large number of developers too.’

The runners up in the same category are Blackberry 7 and Samsung Bada.


Siri vs Tell me: the Difference says it all [Video]

Apple iPhone 4s’s Siri has been highly appreciated by everyone. Its intriguing voice quality and features has delivered the finest performance amongst all other similar applications. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has a similar feature called Tell me, a voice assistant for users, which has been made quite similar to Siri. Both the application has been tested face to face by and it was found that Tell me has a poorer voice command system and presentation. In that case Microsoft is required to work harder on its features and quality deliverance. Check out the video below to see the difference.

Windows Phone takes home 3 Awards at IDSA

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Time for a toast to the Windows Phone Design Team! The Windows Phone Design Team was much honored after it won 3 big awards at Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

The team took home the IDEA: People’s Choice Award, Interaction Gold Award and Best in Show Award. With its unique Metro UI, Windows Phone took over the other platforms like Android and iOS this time. Expressing this excitement, the WP Design Team thanked all their fans on Twitter.

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WP7 ‘Mango’: First take Reviews

A few big people from around the web took a test drive of the pre- release version of Mango on a Samsung Focus. Though there are a few works left to be completed on the new WP7, the people are satisfied with its features. Read the following reviews:Matt Miller of ZDNet:

“Another slick communications feature I have been enjoying is Threads. Microsoft now combines text messaging, Windows Live Messenger, and Facebook chat all in the Messaging application so you can stay in touch with people seamlessly through different communications services without ever having to leave the Messaging application. It is cool how you can start chatting with someone via text messaging via your text messaging plan and then move to Facebook chat through a data connection, and then even into Live Messenger in such a seamless manner. You can see if a contact is online or offline (on Facebook chat and Live Messenger) and then switch to text messaging for communications if they are offline.”

Daniel Rubino of WPCentral:

“What makes “Mango” so interesting is nothing feels tacked on. It’s not like Microsoft saw what the competition was doing and decided “we can do that too!”, resulting in an OS that has features haphazardly slapped together, but nothing to unify them. The changes in Windows Phone 7.5, on the other hand, feel like an extension of a vision, of a philosophy of how our mobile phones should work.”

Matt Buchanan of Gizmodo:

“It feels alive. Everything bounces. Everything swoops. Everything flips. Every single action is lushly animated. It just doesn’t sweat the details—blood was spilled. The lock screen isn’t a simple shade. It has a sense of weight and gravity; the further up you drag it before you let go, the faster it slams back down (if you don’t completely unlock it). It’s almost like the phone is happy to be alive. Which kind of makes you feel happy to use it. No other phone is like that.”

Katherine Boehret of The Wall Street Journal:

“The operating system is a mix of elegance and whimsy that’s a treat to use. Mango is sprinkled with delightful animations on nearly every screen. These include icons that swing out like tiny doors when selected, and little dots that race across the top of the screen when something is loading onto the phone. The result is a playful yet functional interface.”

Hope now ‘Mango’ lovers find it satisfactory and worthy enough to buy the future ‘Mango’ devices.