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16 Powerful Content Marketing Advice from Experts

If you want to see your business survive in the industry, then you need to feed its heart. Without proper marketing, your business won’t survive in the market and to maintain it, you need to focus on the content marketing part. Content marketing is the heart of any online business. Alright, tell me, how will you notify your customers what new product you are introducing? Or what new features does it contain that would be beneficial to them? Without writing a content, your consumers won’t be updated with this kind of information. And to fetch more leads and maintain your customers, you need to write great content. But have you thought, how will you write a great content that puts life into your business? So here are a few great killer content marketing tips by experts that you should mandatorily follow.

The Killer Content Marketing Tips

content marketing tips

Story first

The best content creators visualize their story as the root of their communications. They never consider their content as any marketing campaign and view it as a possibility to communicate with their customers. They put an individual voice that keeps it unique to the brand. They consider their content as a voice of their own and not a task. The best content creators experiment with the different types of content and tend to take risks. They love to have fun.

Analyze your content marketing philosophy

If you are focusing on one way and it’s not working, then change your philosophy of content marketing. Content marketing is not just about writing shitty content and marketing it just to pull traffic. It’s all about what benefit your customers are deriving from your content and how interactive it is. Try to see the difference between a content and a story.

Create actionable content

Create a content that makes your audience go in awe. Most companies tend to put only their list of services and features. Readers will just look around them and leave and never come back. Write it in a way that amazes the reader and they obtain the curiosity to learn about your product more. Avoid writing it as a business because you should focus on your customer’s requirements and not your business.

Don’t forget LinkedIn

Most companies trail after Facebook and Twitter only. Because they are the splendid platforms, doesn’t mean that you should forget the professional networks too. A place like LinkedIn brings even more productive results compared to Facebook and Twitter. If you share your content to LinkedIn groups, you will probably derive better results.

Build a team

A great story comes from a great team of people. When the brilliant minds combine, it brings out a narrative and influencing story. Build a team with the amazing people, including a copywriter, editor, marketing manager, and creative director. Decide the story and the format and mix it with some marketing strategies to bring better results.

Get influencers

The influencing people are those who can advise you on the working marketing methods and guide you with the content. There are certainly a number of people in the industry who can guide you with this. They can be authors, bloggers, marketers or anyone. They play a major role in content marketing programs and write truly engaging content. You just need to identify them.

Make it interactive and engaging

Your content shouldn’t sound like it is written for business or by a bot. Write it in a way so that people understand that a human wrote it and write it in an interactive way. Pretend you are directly talking to the reader and make them feel like you are personally interacting with them. Make it even more engaging.

A book is your best business card

To be a successful content marketer, you should definitely write a book. A book can build credibility to your profession and your customers will even trust you more. You can offer your readers to download the ebook for free with call-to-action links on your website. You can even sell or upload the book on Amazon or offer it in exchange of blog subscriptions.



Socializing is the Holy Grail of your content. Unless you spread the word about the content, your audience will be left unaware of it and a great piece of content will get buried in this massive market. Embed social sharing links to your blog post so that readers can share it. Embed the social sharing links on every page of your content.

Be consistent

Maintaining brand consistency is one of the major aspects of the content marketing. Whether it is the tone of your content, the writing pattern or the quality of your content, you should maintain a uniformity in it. The biggest brands follow this formula and hence, they are read and followed by most people. If you frequently change it then people will definitely lose importance for your business.

It’s not about you, it’s about them

Content marketing is never about you, it’s all about who read it. It is the most successful methodology to build customer loyalty and generate leads. Always show how customers will be benefitted with your product rather showing your product’s features and specifications. Customers are more concerned about their own benefits. They don’t care about your product’s facets.

Serve your customers’ needs

Understand what your customer needs and they benefit they want to derive from your product. Try to serve their needs rather focusing on the needs of your business. Take the time to know your customers and understand your role in their lives. Content marketing is a voice to serve the purpose of the customer.

Speak like a human, not a bot

Most contents are written just for the sake of writing and hence, they miss the soul. If your content lacks uniqueness, then no one’s going to care about it. Speak like a human and put your heart and soul into the content.

Create the same topic with different variations

Writing the same content with different angles. People like to read something twice or thrice before they can completely trust it. Get the content fixed in their hearts and minds and ensure them that what is written is absolutely right.

Reply to reader’s feedback

Always respond your customer’s feedbacks and suggestions. Answer them in full sentences and don’t keep it too short. Create a blog post with every single question so that your customer believes that you are listening to them. Avoid ignoring any question.

Keep the promise

Always stick to what you are writing. If you ensure your customers with something, stick to it. A content is a true promise to your customers and if it is not, then you are just doing business. Do not stop or break it, just fulfill it.


8 ways to minimize your Financial Risk

The chance of risk always remains when you invest money for running a business. An investment can be done through a wide number of methods that include, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, money markets, etc. However, there are certain ways to prevent the risk of generating more products, manufacturing products, selling them, and earning a profit out of it. And if the entrepreneur is the sole proprietor, they are likely to face additional risks which might lead to the development of your business if you take them. So we are revealing the 8 most effective ways to minimize your financial risk to run a business smoothly.

ways to minimize your Financial Risk

1.      Use your Savings Accounts

When planning to invest and start a business, an average percentage of your money should be backed up in your savings account. This money can be used during an emergency and it will give you some relief that you got some cash in hand. Having a savings account also indicates a safer investment if the bank offers you some interest out of it. A savings account can also be used electronically via net banking to make faster and safer payments.

2.      Always keep a backup plan

It’s safer to keep yourself ready and planned for the possible and prevailing risks. Nowadays, the smart business owners are creating a record of the potential risks and planning it accordingly so that the company can handle and cope with them. Having a backup plan is one of the best ways to manage the existing risks and overcome them.

3.      Get insured

Most businesses nowadays get insured for specific risks. These include fires, breakdowns, storms, personal accident, property damage, natural disasters, etc. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that an insurance company is there to help you during financial risks which can also reduce the additional risks that come along with it.

4.      Pay importance to cash

Cash is what you have at present and profit come later. If a business suffers from a shortage of cash and it will go bankrupt despite earning huge profits. This risk can be managed by cash flow analysis that can be achieved by inventory, work in progress, receivables, costs, etc. This will require making an estimate like when the payments are outstanding, who are you paying, who is paying you, and when the payment is arriving. Creating such a forecast model can reduce the risk so that you can plan accordingly to avoid them.

5.      Study the market

To keep an eye of the existing risks, you need to conduct a market survey for both the current and the possible upcoming risks. Make a detailed research and generate a plan to face them accordingly. Research on the similar businesses those have faced the risks and learn how they failed or succeeded and what are the measures they have adopted. Then plan consequently.

6.      Diversify your money

It’s recommended not to invest your entire money on one thing and stick to a conventional capital and diversify. If you invest your entire money in one thing, the risks will be probably higher. So if you don’t have any backup plan, then it’s better to avoid the risk and spread it.

7.      Invest quickly rather delaying

The sooner you invest, the longer your money works and earn higher returns. If the investment market becomes risky and businesses start dropping money, then the investment decreases will reduce the earned money rather the original principal balance. This lets people cash out the risky investments with the minimum loss.

8.      Be practical, not materialistic

For investing financially, you need to be savvy and not greedy. Practical business persons know better when you cash out their money and accept the present financial returns. And the ones who are materialistic will wait for their investment to go higher and expect better returns. This might lead to a downfall in the returns and hence, they suffer.