The desire to study and work at the same stage sounds very challenging. But is it really so hard? Compared to a full-time employee or a full-time student, you need to make more sacrifices if you are managing both at a time. Most of the people have proved it possible, whereas some couldn’t due to lack of proper time management and being unable to prioritize their work. But clearly talking about it, managing job and study isn’t that tough if you learn the art of time management.

how to manage study and work


Time Management Tips to Study and Work Together

Determine what you need

The first step is to question yourself about what you actually want to do. Will you be able to manage both despite the daily stress and routine? Can you sacrifice the unnecessary tasks and habits? What are your priorities? After you find an answer for these, list them down in a paper and eliminate the ones that you can live temporarily without. For instance, going to the movies or gym classes isn’t something that you cannot live without. They are just meant for variation and entertainment. So exclude these activities from your list so that you can spend more time and hours on your studies or work.

time management tips


If there’s any special event or occasion, then keep a reminder about that particular day and schedule it accordingly. I don’t ask you to eradicate entertainment completely, but you can maintain it once in a week like during the weekends, you can have some fun time with your friends and family. This will let you refresh your mind so that you can focus more on your job and study.

Prioritize your tasks

Initially, this would be difficult for you. But once you are acquainted with distant learning, you will soon learn to set your work priorities and limit your leisure time activities. Organize your works in a fundamental order. List the important works first and aim to accomplish them at the least time.

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Most students got the misconception that distance learning is easier than the regular full-time learning. But actually, distance learning programs are designed so that you can spend more hours studying rather attending university lectures. Therefore, organizing your tasks from the very beginning is important here. If somehow your schedule messes up, then manage that productive time during weekends.

Take breaks; it’s essential

taking breaks during work

I don’t ask you to completely dedicate your time towards your work and study, but taking a break occasionally is equally important. It is essential to keep your mind fresh and working to eliminate fatigue. Your brain also needs some relaxation and positive energies to continue with the job. So simply log off your daily tasks and get some fresh air to reboot your mind. This will help you concentrate better and manage time in a better way.

Get a good place to study/work

Mainly this happens at home that within the family hubbub and distraction you need to accomplish your goals. But does that bring out the productivity? Find a separate space to study or work from home, such as a library, extra room, or café to make your brain work easier.

good place to study


Generally, the television sound or family chattering tends to distract people a lot and these things should be completely avoided. So find an extra space which is less noisy or with minimum disturbance and that will help you concentrate better.

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Stay motivated

Another best thing is to reward yourself and keep your motivated in this journey. At some point of time, too much work and study stress tend to demotivate people and hence, they quit either any one of them. With so much of hard work, if you don’t give yourself the treat, you will certainly lose heart someday. So get away and chill out with some great stuff or delicacies and make yourself feel accomplished.

stay motivated


Another way is to jot down your goals in a paper, once they are completed, mark them down and you’ll know what you have achieved.


Although studying and working together sounds impossible, but once you figure out your goals and priorities, you will certainly accomplish your targets. People might dishearten you with certain comments on this, but it’s smarter to avoid their words. Surround yourself with people who are positive and whom you love, and they will help you in determining what you need.

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