With the tremendous advancement in technology, people are able to experience a simpler and convenient approach to identify resources for alcohol recovery. The transformation from books to the internet as a source of knowledge has resulted in the easy availability of a large amount of content. One such advancement is the use of mobile applications which can be used anywhere at any time. In fact, an individual recovering from alcohol addiction must have the resources handy to avoid relapse. Since recovery from any form of addiction grabs a lot of eyeballs, the mobile application is more discreet than a recovery book.

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As there is many alcohol recovery apps available in both, Android and iOS store, here are five best applications available for recovery from alcohol addiction:

1.     Twenty Four hours A Day

Based on the book of the same name, Twenty Four Hours a Day works in a different way: The user has to press the “Today” button to read the message or quote dedicated to the exact date of the year or shake the phone to receive a random message.

The book which contains all kinds of prayers and thoughts has sold over 10 million copies. Moreover, all the thoughts are also available on the mobile application, also the 12-Step guide.  The aim of the app is to motivate individuals when they need it the most. In fact, to motivate the users, the app also contains special improvements such as texts and videos from the author.

Price: $3.99 (Android); $4.99 (iOS)

2.     AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

As the name suggests, AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker is a mobile application that tracks the alcohol consumption to keep your alcohol intake limited. It has a feature where you can set the alcohol limit per day, which becomes beneficial to analyse the progress of quitting alcohol. Moreover, the app also lets you see the trends and graphs of your performance on the basis of daily, weekly and monthly duration.

The user can calculate the amount of money saved by quitting alcohol. This acts as a source of motivation to completely stop the addiction. The app is not just for people who want to reduce their alcohol consumption but also for individuals who want to quit alcohol completely.

Price: Free

3.     Stop Drinking Alcohol/Quit Drinking- Andrew Johnson

Founded by the world known stress management specialist and hypnotist, Andrew Johnson, the application helps to cut down or completely stop the negative habit of drinking alcohol. It lets the user listen and relax to overcome the cravings for this addiction.

The app mainly uses inspirational words and thoughts to motivate users and help them understand the benefits of quitting alcohol. The aim of the application of Andrew Johnson is to use hypnotherapy and positivity to bring change in the lives of alcohol addicts. Most of the reviews being positive about the app, the app tries to help the user take control of his life.

Price: $2.99 (Android and iOS)

4.     Control Alcohol

The mobile application founded by Darren Marks contains hypnosis audio files to help the user enter the meditative state. In fact, to make it more effective, the user can select animation videos to play along with the audio files. The audio files last up to 10 minutes, which by Darren, is enough to relax completely. The only thing the user needs to do is to limit his beliefs and relax.

Apart from the audio files of hypnosis sessions, the application also has video interviews by Darren marks to motivate the users to quit alcohol. In fact, the app allows improving the control of the user towards cravings of alcohol consumption.

Price: $4.99 (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone)

5.     12 Steps AA Companion

The name of the app suggests the popularity amongst individuals of the same fellowship, 12 Steps AA Companion. This app is based on the same fellowship where every step is considered to be a milestone of success to recover. Individuals who have attended the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and are committed to achieving sobriety can benefit the most by using this app.

Apart from providing the entire Big Book AA as a reference guide, the app also provides a sobriety calculator to keep a check on the progress. In fact, it tracks the nearest local meetings near your place in case you are traveling. Moreover, the daily prayers help you to achieve sobriety.

According to a recent survey, people spend more time on smartphones than any other gadgets. Therefore, providing resources that can be handy can be achievable if it is available on mobile gadgets. This will help people to overcome their cravings and take an opinion during the time of relapse.

Price: $2.99 (iOS); $1.99 (Android)

Author bio: Swati Varma is a content writer and copy editor who is currently working with Rehabtip.com. She writes on topics related to healthcare, fitness & lifestyle and food.

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