Teaching is a humble profession, and a tutor always seeks to deliver the best knowledge to his/her pupils. Conducting tuitions at home has always been a respectable profession and most of the tutors have been doing it for decades. Similarly, working as a Virtual Tutor can also earn you a good reputation and spread your knowledge globally. So if you have the yearning to spread your ideas globally and earn good money, then you can actually do it as a virtual tutor.

Best work from home jobs

Work from home as virtual tutor

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What does a Virtual Tutor do?

Whether you are specialized on any subject, you can teach students from home using your computer and an internet connection. There are a number of people who are deficient in certain subjects. For example, if a student lacks knowledge in Mathematics and you specialize in this subject, then you can virtually teach the student about the aspects of the topic.

By online tutoring, you can set your own time, duration, rates, etc. It gives you the freedom to teach however you want and whatever time you set. You can work with ease and flexibility and these kinds of jobs don’t even require a degree in some cases.

A virtual tutor’s job is one of the best home based jobs. You can advertise yourself as you want, such as in social media sites, ad banners, or simply go online.

How to determine your aptitude for an Online Tutor?

Before you leap into this field, you need to analyze a few things. The first you should decide on the subject(s) you want to or can teach. If you had been a good scorer in English in high school or is extremely fluent in this subject and never caused any grammatical errors, then choose to teach English online. Even though you are not a certified teacher, you can choose it to improve your credibility as an English tutor.

Working as a virtual tutor

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Secondly, you should have lots of patience to teach. Most tutors tend to become restless when the pupil fails to understand the subject. Being a tutor you need to remain calm and have the ability to express things in a better way so that the pupil feels comfortable learning from you. Always remember that aggressiveness and impatience bring destruction to this profession.

Advertise yourself

Since the web is filled up with virtual tutors, without advertising it would be difficult for you to showcase your skills. There are various ways to advertise your business online.

  • Advertising on social media sites.
  • Online yellow pages.
  • Online classifieds.
  • Teaching portals.
  • Placing advertisements and banners online.
  • Creating a website.

Earning as a Virtual Tutor

Below are a few of the sites from where you can jumpstart your job as a virtual tutor.

  • TutorVista.com
  • Vedantu.com
  • Oktutor.net
  • Tutorme.com
  • Tutor.com
  • Chegg.com
  • Tutorindia.net

How much does a Virtual Tutor earn?

The charges of a virtual tutor always depend on how much he/she choose to charge per hour. However, most sites charge you on a package basis. For example, TutorVista charges $329.99 for 3 months/90 hours, whereas on TutorIndia, the tutors charge $2 – $30 per hour. So it also depends on which site you are registered with or you choose to fix your own charges and hours. The price also depends on your expertise and knowledge, and if you are really capable of charging that amount.


If you are really keen to teach students/children, then working as a virtual tutor will give you that amount of scope to deliver your knowledge. It’s one of the best part-time work from home jobs that you can apply for. Moreover, you can earn money on your own terms and find greater opportunities in this field.

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