10 Steps to Successfully Promoting your Business with Facebook

Social media marketing is coming to the fore these days in most of the SEO campaigns, as it is a very effective, cheap and creative way to advertise your product. People love to promote with Facebook because it implies a lot of fun, creativity and socializing.

Besides, it has no strict rules. However, to get the most out of your Facebook campaign I recommend making up a well thought out plan. In this article, I have gathered the 10 most important steps you need to undertake to build an effective promo campaign with FB. Good luck!

Step 1. Create Profiles
To start off, you need to create two profiles – a fan page and your personal page (if you still don’t have one). As for me, I can’t imagine a serious business without a fan page on Facebook.

Your fan page will serve as a mirror of your website – where you will post news, reviews, conduct surveys, etc. Unfortunately, with this page, you can’t ‘friend’ users, and add comments.

For this purpose, you will use your personal page. With your personal profile, you will be able to make new friends, comment on their news feeds, take part in discussions, and so on. A personal profile is also very important in terms of socializing – users are more willing to interact with real people, rather than with fan groups.

Once you have created your Fan Page, you’re bound to promote it. Discover the most effective tips to optimize your fan page in my article Get More Fans: 5 Tips to Promote your Facebook Page.

Step 2. Change Privacy Settings
Facebook cares about its users and offers different privacy settings to choose from. Of course, if your personal profile contains a lot of intimate information, you will prefer to hide it from strangers.

However, when it comes to business, you have to make your page as accessible as possible. By the way, when adjusting privacy settings ensure that the outside search feature is active (it will help your fan page show up on the search engine’s results page).

Step 3. Like. Like. Like.
When you come across a page that contains information about your company, don’t hesitate to like it. This applies both to Facebook pages and non-Facebook posts that feature ‘Like’ button. Remember that you can do this both with your personal page and your fan group.

In case you have a website you would like to promote, ensure that all its posts can be shared through ‘Like’. You can also like posts of other fan groups related to your sphere. By doing so you can gain some attention from other groups’ fans.

Step 4. Share
Once you have created both accounts (featuring the most accurate descriptions, vivid pictures, and business information) you can start promoting your enterprise.

This doesn’t mean sending spam to all your friends and fans. Your actions must be well planned.

Promote your business once or twice a week using unobtrusive means: advertise important events, new posts, sales, special offers, etc. The information you share must be fresh, concise and actual.

Step 5. Take Advantage of Insights
Insights page is an invaluable FB tool. With this page, Facebook helps you understand your audience better. With insights, you can get quick statistics regarding your users’ demographics, namely age, sex, geographical location, etc. as well as see whether people are engaged with the content you publish. By monitoring these metrics you can find out what is working, and what is not in your promo campaign.

Step 6. Diversify Your Content
Add photos, pictures, diagrams, graphs, etc. to illustrate written content. In terms of texts – try to post concise, informative messages, cut out boring and unnecessary information. If possible, tag your group’s fans on your pictures, and don’t hesitate to tag yourself on your friends’ photos.

Step 7. Join Groups
Facebook groups are a good way to share important information with people who are interested in finding this information. For example, if you sell accessories, you can join several fashion and dressmaking groups. There you can unobtrusively advertise your services in the relevant places.

Step 8. Get Noticed
Take advantage of Facebook notifications to promote your business. When you comment on a post that has many comments you get noticed by many people. Don’t overlook this useful feature, as it allows you to interact with other FB users without ‘friending’ them.

Step 9. Interact
One of the best ways to encourage your users to come back to your page and share information about your service is to closely interact with them. This can be done with the help of surveys and various contests.

You can also think up titles and reward the most active supporters. This can be implemented in the form of badges, for example.

Step 10. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads
FB ads are the banners we see when using this social network. The indisputable advantage of these ads is that they can target users by geographical location, age, sex, education, likes, etc.

With Facebook Ads, you can be sure that your advertisement will be displayed exclusively to those people who are potentially interested in your product.

Although Facebook promo campaigns are primarily built on fun, socializing, and creativity, they require a well-planned strategy. First, it may take you a lot of time and effort (when creating your profiles, filling in business information fields, uploading pictures, etc.). But after a while, it turns into 20 min routine.

SEO reviews predict that the importance of social media marketing, especially social cues (likes, shares) only seems to increase this year. So, if you still don’t have a fan page on FB – why not start it right now?

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