7 Basic Elements of Blogging [A Must Know for Newbies]

Blogging is one of those interests that every newbie wants to accomplish for a lifetime. But I have seen most of the newbie bloggers target for money with their blogs that is completely a wrong take.

You can’t earn dollars overnight with your blog rather you should focus on your content and interact with your readers.

Traffic is one of those key ingredients without which your blog is null and void. But there is also the point that visitors won’t stand by your blog if it consists of useless and pointless topics.

A blog is of no use if it can’t help your readers anyway. To make a blog successful there are several factors that should be kept in mind while you create one.

Let’s discuss the few of those elements those are basically needed to make your blog stand in front of the public.

1. Content: As said ‘Content is the King’ and so your readers are the Queen. A good and unique content always attract visitors and divert them to your blog again and again.

If you are using copied contents then no visitors will pay heed to it and thus your blog will lose traffic.

Write down something that is exceptional, esp. express your opinion, experiences, etc. and instruct them how they can make it right.

2. Design: A good design is very necessary to attract visitors. You should design your blog the way so that it should look cleaner and minimalist.

Avoid using unnecessary widgets and HTML codes that won’t help your visitors anyway. To know more about it read How to Make Your Blog Look Stunning.

3. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those key ingredients that make your content visible in search engines.

Use related keywords to your contents but avoid using too much of them.

4. Backlinking: Get your blog noticed by building links. Guest posting and commenting work fine in case of that. Visit other blogs, read them and comment in order to get more visitors.

5. Monetize: Monetize your blog with ad networks, Google Adsense for example. Sign up with Adsense and place ads in order to earn revenues from your blog.

6. Learn every day: Make out some time to read popular blogs because there are lots to learn from there.

You can get 90% of the knowledge from pro bloggers and get some idea on blogging success.

7. Interaction: Don’t leave without replying your blog comments. Readers comment on your blog but they will be more obliged of your response to them with a generous comment.

Visit their blogs too, pay gratitude to them by commenting on their posts, after all your blog is simple NIL without their visits.

Thus, these are the basic factors to make your blog successful. In order to know how you can achieve more visitors to your blog read How to Get Traffic to Your Blog.

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