7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Running Unsuccessfully

Blogging is not a shortcut way to earn money, but if you are dedicated to it and know the rules properly then money isn’t that far away from you.

To run a blog successfully you need to have a lot of patience and have strong determination.

Most of the bloggers leap into this field with the purpose to earn money without knowing the rules and objectives of blogging.

There are certain factors that make a blog run successfully and if they are not performed well then there are certainties that your blog might drop from its position.

In this post, I am mentioning the few mistakes that newbie bloggers generally commit while blogging. blogging mistakes

#1 Boring and inadequate content
“Content is the King”, so make sure your content provides all the required information. Some content carries an attractive title but they lack the material it points to.

A reader seeks information that turns helpful to him, so the flow of inadequate info can bring a downfall to your blog in terms of traffic. Secondly, you should make your content interactive.

Interact with the audience and show them that the issue is really yours. Readers like content that exhibits genuine problems so they find their solutions.

#2 Poor SEO
SEO is another important factor that most of the newbie blogger ignores. Poor link building and low rank keywords can affect your blog.

Most of the fresh bloggers don’t do a proper keyword research before publishing posts.

I used to make the same mistake in my previous years and thus it led to a poor rank of my blog. Then I started using Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool and found high-rank keywords relevant to my content.

Another element is link building with high PR sites. Many newbie bloggers don’t even care to visit other blogs and read them.

Commenting and guest posting to high PR blogs can strengthen your blog rank.

#3 Messy theme and functionality
Using a dull and cluttered theme can create a bad influence on your visitors.

The usage of unnecessary widgets and plugins can slow down your page load time. So better choose a clean template for your site and add only the required widgets.

Secondly, the addition of flash banners and too many videos can harm your page load time.

#4 Inappropriate niche
Before starting a blog make sure you choose an assured topic. A proper niche can gain targeted traffic and leads.

There are advertisers who look for a particular niche to promote their business, so selecting an unfitting topic can lower down your sale.

#5 No content optimization
Content optimization is the process of making your posts friendlier with SEO. This process lacks when you overlook the broken links, duplicate content on the web, meta tags and ‘rel’ tags.

#6 No monetization
Monetization is the way to earn revenues from your blog. Many newbie bloggers do not know about the way to earn money from blogging so they do lack this feature.

The use of Google Adsense or affiliate programs can earn some extra bucks from your website.

#7 Lack of presence in social media
Last, but not least, is not promoting your blog through social media. Making people aware of your presence and publishing contents on networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ or Pinterest can bring more traffic to your blog and you can engage with other bloggers too.

I hope these tips help you direct your blog successfully. For any questions feel free to ask me :).

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