8 Best Blog Editing Apps for Android

Editing blogs from your smartphone is not as easy as controlling it from the pc. But with the rapid development of advanced applications made it so easier that now you can publish articles at one click.

Applications made blogging an easy task. With fine and user-friendly interfaces, blogging was never been so easy doing it from the smartphone.

You can manage multiple sites from a single dashboard, create and edit blog posts, share them with the world, reply to comments and do more with the aid of such useful apps. Listed below are the best 8 Android apps for blogging.

Android Apps for Bloggers

1. WordPress: Edit and create posts on your WordPress blog. The app has a simplified interface where it’s easy enough to manage your posts, use images on posts, view site stats and more. The app supports both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org blogs.

2. Blogger: The official Blogger app by Google lets you manage all your Blogspot blogs. You can create and edit posts, add images to posts and instantly switch to your secondary blogger blog. The app is clean and has a user-friendly interface.

3. Tumblr: Tumblr for Android is the official app having much-advanced features, perfect enough to control your Tumblr blogs.

4. Bloggerdroid: Blogger-droid is a good unofficial Blogger client that lets you manage your Blogger blogs, create/edit posts, embed images and videos and do more with it.

5. Bloggeroid: Another simple looking Blogger client that controls multiple Blogger blogs, share your posts with Google+ circles.

6. BlogPost: An unofficial client that manages your Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal blogs from a single app. You can also format your texts right from the blog editor and add links, photos, and videos.

7. Blogaway: Blogaway is a fast and simple Blogger client that is easy enough to edit, create and share all your posts.

8. Drupal Editor: An app that manages all your Drupal sites and controls their blog posts from one place. Drupal editor is a third party app but good and easy enough to handle your sites.

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