I am Crystal and welcome to my blog.

My friends always kept telling me that I would do great in tech writing. And, believe me, I have dabbled with all of that. Graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Engineering, I figured I have a knack at tech blogging too.

Here’s the thing, the internet is full of people claiming to know so much about tech. And, we who actually went to school to learn it, know tech blogging is merely not about interesting topics for page reviews.

It’s more than all of that. It’s about being authentic. So, I decided that with me heading a team of IT engineers at work, I should do something about contributing to tech literature too. Tech reviews are not just about name dropping new gadgets. It’s about preparing users and evaluating a tech innovation holistically.

That’s what I aim to do with my tech blog. Give you authentic, accurate and passionately driven tech reviews, articles, comparisons, all in-depth publications of tech around the globe. Because, after all. If I have learned it, I always need to keep up with it.

Technology is an ever-changing sphere, with so much happening around the world, it is certainly not an as easy task to keep up with all updates in technology everywhere. Here’s where my updates on tech, computer errors, glitches, and solutions come in.

All technology on e-commerce portals like Amazon, E-Bay reviews and information is what my tech blog is geared to solve and work as a tech online tracker for you.

Understanding, evaluating and departing authentic and accurate technology related news and updates are what my blog is all about.

So, without further dues! Welcome to my most passionate hobby and way to experience the advancing and futuristic life.