Free AM2R Download! Android version-Work with ‘gamepad support’

Need to download AM2R in your Android! Here are the keys. By which you can easily download and install this game. You can get varieties of necessary information available here. These will make you comfortable and hassle free while playing.

It was several years ago when the most important moment that has lots of significance, had happened in SR388 for Metroid Storyline. This AM2R particularly aims to reinvent another most required Metroid 2, which has complete updated game play and graphics.

It has built up of several new and innovative features that attract the attention of lots of players. Here we have described various informative and necessary ways to download and then install this game.

AM2R Download


As we know Another Metroid 2 Remake is termed as AM2R, this specifies the true character of this program.  This is actually another Remake of second version of Metroid i.e, Metroid2: Return of Samus.

This was initially released for all game boys, in the year of 1991. The main appeal of this was specially the radical graphics which was ahead of days and then preceded gradually towards Super Metroid or Super Nintendo.

In which zero mission was also remade especially for the advanced game boys and from original title which was designed for the NES.

In the Zero missions, all solitudes and the atmosphere of Super Metroid have been added. In addition of new machine games, AM2R has been considered as one of those and most ambitious games among the metroid game fans.


Several unique features have made this possible for the gamers to take this easy and comfortable while playing. But playing should be done quite efficiently so that they can reach the last level by giving their best.

Some features are listed in the following:

  • Most importantly the zero mission style of this Metroid gameplay
  • Map system
  • Minibosses
  • Challenging fights
  • New areas
  • All updated enemies
  • Beam systems that are stackable
  • Totally redrawn enemies
  • Redrawn Metroid sprites
  • Non-intrusive and narrative Log system
  • Best quality sound tracks


They have a good team development and each and every one of their team have made this possible to develop high quality music production, sound designs, level designs, Programming, coding the platform engine, making creative Pixel art and lot more things.

Team have developed best quality graphic design that is Samus and the environments etc. Exceptional Pixel arts such as environments and bosses, backgrounds, Ships, Torizo, innovative graphic designs like endings, promo art, wallpapers, writing assistants such as Logbook, several unique music arrangements like Breeding grounds, Distribution centers are some creativities that are included in it while considering the download and installation.

There are several others in the development team who have contributed more for debugging and play testing.


For some further development, what you have to do is, you have to run through some winding scenarios with your map. This will just be your own guide and this will be generated on spot.

All your equipments will be improved in a sequence which will help you a lot to dodge the obstacles. The enemies can create several hurdles for you that will appear suddenly along your way.


AM2R is really an awesome game suitable for both the Android and Windows OS.


  • First open the ‘Google App Store’
  • In the search option, just type the app name and click on the specific icon provided
  • Then click on the Download option of AM2R
  • Then it will be easily downloaded
  • Install this app precisely that would take a little time (because the file size is not so huge)
  • Once it is downloaded, users can easily play this game by using their PCs or smartphones


As its inventor Nintendo was not so keen enough for releasing this for all Windows users, numerous individual developers have published their remakes.

This provides us the opportunities to play the game with ease on desktop computers. In this way, the main character of this game is controlled, which is Samus Aran.

He has to traverse all underground tunnels of SR338 planet in order to fight dangerous Metroids.

This is one of the most successful game series and has become tremendously well-known on NES, video consoles, and Game Boy by most Japanese Companies.

For doing this, you will have to explore several important scenarios that gradually unveil that specified map. It will help the travelers explore hidden places and search for the improvements, whgich is necessary to beat the enemies and overcome all obstacles.

PC adaptation of this game (AM2R) is not like migrating the whole software from the one end or platform to another.

However, different aspects have also been updated which offer completely new experience of gaming, even for them who are really familiar with AM2R.

As all the development and mechanics are totally new, the gamers always try to keep their eyes on different rivals and other video games that are officially commercialized.

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