5 Things To Determine Before Taking Blogging As Your Profession

5 Things To Determine Before Taking Blogging As Your Profession
As I have seen, most of the newbie bloggers think of quitting before setting up their blogs properly.

Let me tell you blogging should not be considered just as a profession but you have to be passionate and determined about it. Just starting a blog blindly without any goals will lead you to nowhere.

There are certain resolutions you need to take up before starting to blog seriously and the most significant thing having ‘patience’. As said patience is the key to success and to be a successful blogger it is the root to build up your determinations.

Determination #1: Extreme patience
Blogging won’t bring you money instantly but it takes a certain amount of time. Depending on your content quality and posts frequency, that time may get shorter and to deal with this penniless period you have to possess indefinite patience.

Determination #2: Keeping the passion alive
Along with patience, you have to be passionate about blogging. Without the dedication and habit you won’t be able to continue with this for a longer period, and hence think of quitting soon. So take a deep dive into this and get to know things related to blogging.

Determination #3: Fix a certain niche and goal
Decide a topic you want to blog and set up a goal. Fixing up a certain destination will lead you to the road you want to ride on and you can find your way to be a successful blogger.

Determination #4: Don’t drive away with failures
Blogging won’t take you to success directly but you’ll have to face more failures before finding it.

You might get demotivated by negative comments and feedbacks but that’s how it goes on. Some people might find your blog a crap and leave bad opinions.

You’ll have to face them and take such comments in a positive manner. Try to recover and improve your blog with such comments and you can learn from your mistakes.

Determination #5: Keep Learning
At a certain period, you might think that you have learned everything about blogging but that’s not what you think.

Blogging is like a sea where you find new information every day. Getting connected with co-bloggers and professionals will make you realize there is 99% stuff left to learn. The more you stay involved with it, the more you learn every day.

For newbie bloggers, I hope this post will help you get motivated and determined in your blogging chapter. Let me know if you find this post useful :).

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