email marketing mistakes

12 Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best techniques to attract more customers to your website. Email branding and sending appealing newsletters that read standard enough to invite more people is a form of art in email marketing. Visitors are always enticed towards the best deals and unique content and that’s what matters to them. But there are several factors that make email marketing success.

Things that you should opt out from doing from losing a customer are an important step towards fruitful marketing. A few ‘not to do’ points that I find applicable for a productive email marketing are mentioned below.

email marketing mistakes

Useless content: Readers always seek useful content. Spam and useless contents really piss them off and hence they stop following your site. Send them useful newsletters that include the key link or content instead of writing useless scraps.

Spamming: Too much of emailing unnecessary contents can make you a spammer. Promotional emails are generally considered as spam and if you keep sending the same useless kinds of stuff then that can hamper your site.

Mailing unsubscribers: Unsubscription is done to opt out of receiving newsletters. Avoid mailing people who don’t follow your blog anymore. Delete their emails from your subscribers’ list in case it is not removed automatically.

Showering similar contents: Sending the same email multiple times can increase the number of unsubscribers. Analyze your campaigning account and make sure the email is not sent more than once.

Using abusive words: Do not use abusive words or vocabulary in your emails. The usage of offensive languages can ruin your site’s reputation and hence intensify the numbers of opt-outs.

Not offering the ‘Unsubscribe’ link: Always include an ‘Unsubscribe’ link to your emails so that readers can opt out of emails whenever they want. It’s completely their choice and you don’t hold the authority to stop them from unsubscribing.

Broken links: Avoid inserting links that DO NOT work. Always check the link before using them into the email and make sure it redirects to the relevant page and works properly.

Unnecessary texts and images: Never use texts and images that are not at all required. Unnecessary contents can make the newsletter cluttered and that confuses the reader.

Irrelevant subject lines: Use subject lines that looks decent and attracts the reader and most importantly that is related to the email content.

Messy layouts and customisation Choose a clean and simple layout and avoid using vibrant colors. A clean newsletter signifies your service and it exhibits your presentation.

False contact details: Use the correct communication details as per required in an email. Make sure your contact phone and email work properly and customers can reach you.

Lengthy emails: Cut down the length of your email content and keep it short and simple.
Email marketing is a way to build up a relationship with your customers. A right marketing approach always becomes a pleasing agreement so make sure your startup is precise. Hope the tips I shared works perfectly in your business.

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