How to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPC Uses

Is your WMI consuming a high amount of your CPU space? Then you have landed on the right webpage to troubleshoot it yourself.

Sometimes you just get annoyed of the slow functions your pc give you yet you don’t have enough idea to fix what the issue and by the time you actually realize your Window management instrument(WMI) might have already broken the barrier in order to get the troubleshooting done, but since WMI also has a main shared networking process which gives you several different options to troubleshoot and get the issues fixed.

Eager to know what WMI provider actually does?

Well, apart from slowing down your CPU after a certain period of time it does the works of a helper because it helps to give PC data and also to handle it along with that it is also transferred questions, helps in setting different icons or data on the desktop screen such as some software and applications. So, in that case, it is pretty important that your WMI provider service is smooth for your own system’s betterment

WMI Provider Host

You might be thinking where to get hold of this file at once, don’t worry it not really a treasure hunt, you can find this file on your system folder easily from where you can just work things out. Now if your major concern is to stop the wmi provider high Cpu issues on your Windows 10, be my guest because further on we are going to discuss related issues which can undoubtedly answer all your question.

 Why it generally happens?

Let’s give you the reason so that next time you can be careful when you face certain situation, WMI provider usually behaved abrupt when you upgrade your Windows from 7 to 10, we can say that because it is tried and tested plus we have a wide network of people exchanging their views on windows related issues and solution, so it is generally the case when you upgrade the functioning of your CPU gets annoyingly slow and hot, things just starts lagging behind. One of the other reason for wmi issue could be that this service provider is not following its natural pattern that it is supposed to.

Instant troubleshooting solution for WMI provider 

Check out these instant way how you might fix the issues that you come across with your windows management instrumentation service, just a quick fix to try if you are running out of time to finish up something important and your slow PC is eating away half of your precious time. 

  • Repair corrupt file

You will have to download reimage plus to scan, repair and restore the corrupted and missing file, after which you can keep a check on the WMI provider for Smooth functioning.

  • Restart your Windows Management Instrumentation service

This is how you need to do this, it’s easy where you have to hold the windows key on the keyboard and press R. Then just type service.msc on the dialog box just like it is done on this image below

After which you just have to locate your windows management instrumentation service, let me tell you how it is done very easily, just click on any service and then press the W key to get started and then get a quick scan to locate the one you want.Now just restart to restart the system to get the troubleshooting done.

  •  Scan for virus and malware

When you decide to troubleshoot your WMI provider issue yourself running a scan for malwares and virus is very important because after you upgrade or install another version of windows so that leads to download virus and malicious software which can cause the lagging of your CPU and that’s exactly when malware attacks take place so it’s to make sure when you upgrade or install/reinstall check a full scan for malware to avoid WMI provider issues.

  •  Disable your event viewer process

Get your event process disabled or uninstalled because it can be another reason why you face the WMI issues, just visit your toolbar with the help of event viewer after looking for it on the search menu, the toolbar is located at the top of the screen after which just enable “show analytic debug logs” and then just choose the WMI activities option where you can select and control this problem.

This is how it generally looks when you disable the event viewer.


That should cover up most of the issues related to WMI provider host, we try to out in some of the easiest ways for you because we are well aware not every user is tech savvy so hope you troubleshooting goes smooth.

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