How to Create an E-commerce Website on WordPress?

If a decade ago building an e-commerce website was a tedious, time and money-consuming task, these days starting up a full-fledged website isn’t a challenge, even for beginners.

One of the most popular and easy ways to launch a professionally looking, dynamic e-shop is to use WordPress. And this is for many reasons:

WP is easy to install and use.There is a myriad of free themes designed exclusively for WordPress.

There are thousands of handy WP plugins (both free and paid).
WP-powered websites can be easily optimized for the search engines.

WP provides you with full control over your website design and functionality.WordPress is definitely the clear winner amongst the most popular content management systems for blogs.

But not only does it serve as a good platform for simple websites – it can also be the perfect base for a powerful e-shop.

You’ll be surprised to learn that it takes just a few steps to create an eCommerce website with WordPress:

1. Create a website using WordPress
It doesn’t make sense to describe the details of the whole process in this post – just go to the official website of WordPress, create a free account there and follow the prompts – in case you stick to their directions attentively, you’ll get your website running pretty soon :).

2. Upload a WordPress Theme
You will find a great selection of stunning WordPress themes on the Internet. In case you’re on a budget, you may opt for a free design.

But in case you need something exceptional – pick a Premium template. Here I must mention that most of the WordPress E-commerce plugins I’m going to describe down the page, come with WP themes developed exclusively for these plugins for better synchronization.

Don’t worry in case you already run a website on WordPress – most of the plugins work seamlessly with any WP themes.

3. Install a WordPress eCommerce Plugin
This is the most important stage of the whole process – it will turn your website into an e-shop.

It’s difficult to pin down the best eCommerce plugin, but we can try to narrow down the selection:

Ready! E-commerce WordPress Plugin (works with any WP themes; comes with many extensions).

EShop Plugin (allows your customers to create user accounts on your website; can be used for making product catalogs without sales).
WP E-Commerce Plugin (100% customizable; comes with numerous tutorials and videos).

Besides these, there are many other eCommerce plugins for WordPress – you can check the whole selection on the official website.

4. Add your products
As a rule, WP plugins are very easy to install and use. So, once your WP plugin is installed, you may start adding your products (images, descriptions) and setting other essential details (prices, shipping details, payment options) – everything can be easily done directly from your admin panel.

Congratulations! Your eCommerce website is ready. Just publish and optimize it for the search engines (use your current SEO pack or install an advanced WP SEO plugin).

Don’t forget about promotion, an awful thing happens without it – nothing :).

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