Stop your iPhone from Vibrating Randomly | iOS 11 Fix|

My friend called me saying that his iPhone randomly vibrates. I didn’t believe him till my iOS was vibrating randomly. Nope! This is not a joke nor a horror film sequence. The easy answer to this

So, if you are wondering ‘why does my phone randomly vibrate without notification‘; then the easy answer to it is ‘Mail Notifications’. You might think, that you have switched your mail notifications off.

But, well you did. But there may be one tiny settings that you missed on your ‘Vibration’ tab. So, let’s fix that, shall we?

iPhone randomly vibrates: Easy Fix

Switch off the Vibration for your Mail Notifications

Step 1: Go straight to Settings>Sounds>New Mail

iPhone randomly vibrates

Step 2: Click on ‘Vibration

iphone randomly vibrates without notification

Step 3: Now, you can set it to ‘None

iphone vibrates for no reason

Now, here’s the catch for you. This may or may not work. These are the basic steps. If you have an iOS 11 and your iPhone randomly vibrates still, here is another fix for that below.

Alternative Way to Check your Mail Notifications

  • Set out to Settings>Notification Center>Mail
  • Click on the Account(s) that you use for your Email
  • Now, click on ‘Alerts
  • And, now you need to ensure that your ‘Alert Tone‘ & ‘Vibration‘ is set to ‘None

Feel free to repeat these steps for any other email accounts that you might have synched on your iOs device

Now, you have another way to fix this. Is by turning on notifications for your VIP contacts or your whole account. But, the price you pay is that you will be able to see every time you win a lottery from Cambodia. Or your annoying ex stalking you through emails.

How to Customize Notifications for your VIP’s

Settings>Notification Center>Mail

Click on VIP and customize the notification settings as you like it. WARNING: You will get notified for every mail.

Now, if you have done of the above things and still your iPhone randomly vibrates, then check your notifications of your app. iOS 11 has a very weird way of handling apps. Your Sound Notifications can have an app. But, your Alert Style and Notification Center settings are turned off.

So, you can go through your apps list and their notification settings. You can see if you have left any of the sounds on. So, this causes your iOS device to vibrate without visual indications.

Well, I surely hope your iPhone stops vibrating randomly. And these steps should stop is 100%. If it still continues then maybe you do have a horror scene going on.

Let me know if it worked in the comments section.

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