iTunes Error 0xe80000a – How to fix?

Are you trying to connect iTunes on your Mac or PC? When you face an unexpected syncing problem or an error, its get pretty frustrated. It feels like you don’t want to use it anymore and give up.In this article, we will talk about a specific error (0xe80000a) most people encounter while connecting to Windows or Mac to sync files, important photos and other stuff within devices. 

We will learn how to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a and what is the cause of this error.

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What is iTunes error 0xe80000a?

iTunes Error 0xe80000a

This error crop up when iTunes failed to connect with your Mac or Windows PC for an unknown reason. You get pop up box displaying a message that “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a.”

Why does this error occur?

This error might occurs due to some reasons as listed below. There is no specific reason, but it could be any of among the listed here.

  1. iPhone/iPad have an older version of OS.
  2. Mac OS not updated with the latest version of iTunes.
  3. If your using Windows PC, then it might not be updated with the latest version from Microsoft.
  4.  Your cable is unsteady and not connecting well.
  5. Check if your device turned on.

How to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a?

As we already know this error commonly caused by software incompatibilities, outdated version or some times hardware problems.

You can fix most errors by following steps below.

  1. First, check on Pop up message alert if there are some steps to follow. 

Click on more and see if you can spot what to do next.

2. Update your iTunes with the latest version available. You can check-in setting icon (check below image) if there is any update available for iTunes, if yes, then please make sure to update it first.

3. Make sure you are using the updated latest version of Mac OS or Window PC. 

Check update for MAC

Check updates for Windows PC

4. Make sure your iPhone/iPad whatever device you are trying to connect is turned on

5. Make sure your security setting not causing the problem such as Antivirus, Firewall or Anti-Malware software etc.

6. Restart all your devices including iPhone/iPad and your computer.

7. You can also try connecting to a different system if available and see if you are facing the same issue.

8. Unplug all your external devices and try again with the device you want to connect.

These all are primary troubleshooting you can do to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a, but if you are still facing this issue, please contact Apple support.

We hope we resolved your problem, in case you want to add something or found a different method to get around this error, let us know in the comment section.

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