Stop your iPhone from Vibrating Randomly | iOS 11 Fix|

My friend called me saying that his iPhone randomly vibrates. I didn’t believe him till my iOS was vibrating randomly. Nope! This is not a joke nor a horror film sequence. The easy answer to this

So, if you are wondering ‘why does my phone randomly vibrate without notification‘; then the easy answer to it is ‘Mail Notifications’. You might think, that you have switched your mail notifications off.

But, well you did. But there may be one tiny settings that you missed on your ‘Vibration’ tab. So, let’s fix that, shall we?

iPhone randomly vibrates: Easy Fix

Switch off the Vibration for your Mail Notifications

Step 1: Go straight to Settings>Sounds>New Mail

iPhone randomly vibrates

Step 2: Click on ‘Vibration

iphone randomly vibrates without notification

Step 3: Now, you can set it to ‘None

iphone vibrates for no reason

Now, here’s the catch for you. This may or may not work. These are the basic steps. If you have an iOS 11 and your iPhone randomly vibrates still, here is another fix for that below.

Alternative Way to Check your Mail Notifications

  • Set out to Settings>Notification Center>Mail
  • Click on the Account(s) that you use for your Email
  • Now, click on ‘Alerts
  • And, now you need to ensure that your ‘Alert Tone‘ & ‘Vibration‘ is set to ‘None

Feel free to repeat these steps for any other email accounts that you might have synched on your iOs device

Now, you have another way to fix this. Is by turning on notifications for your VIP contacts or your whole account. But, the price you pay is that you will be able to see every time you win a lottery from Cambodia. Or your annoying ex stalking you through emails.

How to Customize Notifications for your VIP’s

Settings>Notification Center>Mail

Click on VIP and customize the notification settings as you like it. WARNING: You will get notified for every mail.

Now, if you have done of the above things and still your iPhone randomly vibrates, then check your notifications of your app. iOS 11 has a very weird way of handling apps. Your Sound Notifications can have an app. But, your Alert Style and Notification Center settings are turned off.

So, you can go through your apps list and their notification settings. You can see if you have left any of the sounds on. So, this causes your iOS device to vibrate without visual indications.

Well, I surely hope your iPhone stops vibrating randomly. And these steps should stop is 100%. If it still continues then maybe you do have a horror scene going on.

Let me know if it worked in the comments section.

How to Email Pictures from Android | Step By Step Guide

how to email pictures from android phone

Email Pictures from Android: Are you a picture hoarder like me? Chances are you are if you own an Android phone. I go on for months hoarding pictures on my Android device.

That brings me to having to email pictures to people I know and also upload all my pictures to my Google drive. So, emailing pictures from your Android phone is almost a daily task. At least, it is for me. You end up sending images to so many people.

With Android phones becoming even smarter, sharing your images publicly through emails is even easier now. So, if you are looking for how to send pictures to email from phone then you are on the right page.

Email Photos from Android Phone

Step 1

Well, first of all, you have to do is just open your gallery app on your Android phone. Just like this below;

Step 2

Then you need to click the app and go straight into your images dashboard.

Step 3

Now, you need to select the image you would want to send.

Step 3

Now, you need to find the tap ‘Share‘ and click on it

Step 4

Once you have located the Gmail option, as I have indicated above. You need just click on it.

Step 5

If you click the Gmail option you will be directed to the following page, which is actually your inbox. Android phones have become smarter as we go.

So they will automatically attach your selected image to your inbox and all you will have to do is click the send tab by typing the recipient’s number.

Once you have clicked the send tab as above I have marked, you will be sending your images in no time, as long as you have a good WIFI or data on your device.

So, in the end, you would not have to worry at all about which device make you are using. As long AS YOU HAVE YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT. Ideally, it really doesn’t even matter which email client you are using.

These steps apply to all Android phones. As long as you have your email account synced to your Android device; you know now how to send you a picture to your email form Android mobile.


Well, there you go! Now share all your images on your Android device via your email. If you have further queries feel free to leave your comments below. And, I will totally get back to you.

DirectX 11 free Download- Your Total Guide

DirectX download

Need to download DirectX 11 for free? Do you need essential drivers for the Windows gamers? Here are the key things that you have to be acquainted with. We will guide you to resolve all those things.

You will be surprised how you can free download this game easily in all latest versions of Windows.

A large set of drivers, DirectX 11, has distributed only by Microsoft. It offers wide ranges of improved audio as well as visual performance. Here in this present article, we will provide you guidance about the features of DirectX 11, its overviews, all the setup details, system requirements, supported list of games, and graphics cards and much other important information that will help you to collect precise information before downloading in your Windows OS.

download DirectX 11

DirectX 11 or the DX11 is one of the best set of drivers, created by Microsoft which offers technologically advanced audio and visual performance.

Its first functions and for this is well known, allow the users to play the games with meticulous art graphics and excellent video graphics features.

This makes it possible to highly enjoy games while playing and several other multimedia applications by providing the best graphics as good as possible.

This is specially designed and built up for the Windows 7 OS and also for Windows 8. As it continues the up-gradation process, now the latest version available in the market is DirectX 11.2.

Though we hope DX 11.3 is anticipating, this will be the latest stepping stones with more advancing features and criteria towards this DX 12.

Many games need the installation of DX 11 in recent days. So, if you need to play Need for Speed: most wanted, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, FIFA 15, Mortal Kombat X, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, installed DX 11 is essential. There are some games developed, such as GTA 5, that improve with this DirectX 11 drivers significantly.


You will see some critical features below that will help you get more information about this driver, and you will also experience the free download of this DX 11 in your Windows OS.

• Tessellation: This is the GPU calculator and helps smooth the images. As a result, a high-definition picture can be got.
• Multithreading: Multithreading is the process that intern helps the PC work better and in a faster frame. This is just because you will not be stuck in the middle of any games.
• Direct Compute: This will help you different types of applications which include both the game and non-games apps. There is some important software like Photoshop, and video editors who take lots of processing. So, this will help you a lot to save your valuable time.
• Shader Model 5.0
• HDR texture compression


• Full name of the software: DirectX 11
• Name of setup File:
• Total Size of Setup: 96 MB
• Type of Setup: Offline installer or the Full standalone setup
• Overall compatibility Architecture: 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64)
• Developers: Microsoft


Before you initiate the free download process of Microsoft DirectX 11, one thing that you should always keep in mind that your PC should meet the minimum requirements of the system. Here we are providing few systems needs to make you familiar with this.

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8
• Memory or RAM: 1 GB
• Space required on the hard disk: 100 MB
• Processor: 1.5 GHz


You can download this Microsoft DirectX 11 driver utterly free in your Windows OS. The best thing is that this is specially designed by Microsoft for the Windows 7 users, but you can download and install this driver in all the latest version of Windows OS.

This is the full offline installer and also considered as the best standalone setup for DirectX 11. It will always be compatible with both the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows.

This Application Program interface Software or API has individually released for displaying several high-quality images, graphics and audios thereby used by various high definition movies and games.

As the technology is transforming day by day and to cope with this DirectX 11 is also getting more desirous.

When this can only be used on the Microsoft OS, it adds some special spices display on the graphic designs of the PC.

In all the recent Operating systems of Microsoft, DirectX 11 is pre-installed, but they (Microsoft) are trying their best to add new and advanced graphics flavors while making it incorporated in all latest versions of Windows OS.

The installation process is very easy, and you will quickly be acquainted with this after getting proper information. Compatibility test of GPU can also be run for this DX 11.

List of games that are supported by DX 11:

Several games such as Assassin’s Creed, Angry bird, Sims 3, Alien Isolation, Bio Shock infinite, Tropico 5, are supported by DirectX 11.

List of Compatible Video cards of DX 11 or graphics Cards
AMD Radeon HD 7660d, at Radeon HD 3200, at Radeon HD 4550, ATI graphic card b276, ATI Radeon 3000, HD 3000,ATI graphics card support, are some of the graphics card lists.

Some official websites ( such as do not necessarily provide any kinds of patches, cracks, serial numbers or the keygen activation for the free download of DirectX 11 on Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 32 bit and 64 bits.


There are so many advantages, and disadvantages of this specific driver and most of them are their advantages as these have gained lots of importance in today’s life, with the adoption of advancing features. These you can find the following:

• Very easy to install
• Improved audio and visual performance
• Noticeable changes found in games when you will start playing

• All you will find behind scenes, so in some cases, you can find it boring and uninteresting.

Just go through every detail that has been provided in this article, you will be getting all the required information that signifies its features and free Downloading process. Just read the article, it won’t distract your concentration over this but make you attract towards DX 11.

How to Install Apollo on Kodi – Detailed Guide

Apollo on Kodi

Read the most updated and detail review, and installation guide of Apollo Kodi Build. We have all the Apollo Addon scoop on Kodi for you right here.

Apollo Kodi Build stands among all Kodi Build when talking about user experience. This Kodi Build comes with pre-installed Kodi add-ons, extra submenu, stunning user interface, and so many other exciting features.

In this article, we are going to give you a detailed review and installation guide of Apollo Kodi Build.

Before starting let us give you a brief introduction of Kodi in case you are using Kodi for the first time.

In case if you ask any Kodi user why they like this application – they will talk about the advantage of using mainstream addons on Kodi.

All in all, you don’t have to utilize add-ons on the off chance that you have an expansive accumulation of media, stored in your device’s local Store.

Be that as it may, online media gushing dependably seems like an intriguing choice. As you are going to see, add-ons for Kodi gather a massive number of sources everywhere throughout the Web. They fill in as ‘scrappers’ that bring you streamable media.

Apollo on Kodi
What’s more, they tend to have practical experience in specific sorts of substance. For instance, there are film addons or Live TV add-ons. A large number of these bring the highest conceivable video quality.

How to Install Apollo Kodi Build on Kodi?

Installing process of Apollo Kodi build on Kodi is not that hard, yet not so easy either. In this installation part of this article, we are going to provide you with the installation process of Apollo on two different versions of Kodi.

First, we are going cover installation process for Kodi v17 Krypton afterward we will cover the installation process for Kodi v16 Jarvis.

How to install Apollo Kodi Build on Kodi v17 Krypton

Follow the below steps to install Apollo Kodi build on Krypton Kodi.

• Begin by opening Kodi.

• From the home screen, double tap on the organizer symbol. The following screen is the File Manager. When you see the rundown, look down until the point that you see Add source heading. Double tap on that heading.

• Like this, you’ll see a crate fly up that says Add document source.

• Next, tap on the featured line that says <None>.

• Enter precisely and click on the Done catch.

• This addon needs a name. Enter the name apkb or whatever you need to call it.

• Presently, tap the OK catch to include the record.

• Once included, come back to the home screen and select Add-ons. You should see the symbol of an opened box with a bolt pointing inside. Directly go ahead and tap into it. This is the extra program screen. Select Install from compress file.

• Tap on apkb,

• Sit tight on the warning message.

• Presently, backpedal to the home screen and pick select Programs.

• Pick Apollo Wizard x.x. And after that, any of the Apollo assembles.

• Now Sit tight for the Apollo build to install.

Those are the steps you have to take to install Apollo build on the Krypton (v17) form. Presently, we’ll demonstrate to you the directions for Jarvis.

How to install Apollo Kodi Build on Kodi Jarvis

In case you are using Kodi Jarvis, this instruction will be helpful for you to install Apollo Kodi build on your Kodi.

Simply follow these steps.

• Start by opening your Kodi Jarvis (v16.1)

• From the home screen, go to the System heading, and you’ll see File Manager as a subcategory, so tap on it.

• Next, tap on Add source.

• Snap in the container that says <None>, enter click on Done.

• Presently, mark it apkb, or whatever you like. As long as you comprehend what it may be, you are fine. Next, hit OK.

• Once included, backpedal to the home screen, and tap on the heading that says System.

• From here, tap on Add-ons and after that pick the alternative that says Install from compress file.

• Pick apkb and afterward

• Sit tight for a couple of minutes, and you’ll get a notification message revealing to you the extra is empowered.

• Presently, backpedal to the home screen and pick select Programs.

• Pick Apollo Wizard x.x. And afterward, any of the Apollo manufactures.

• Presently, the manufacturer will introduce.

These are the steps you need to follow to install Apollo Kodi Build on your Kodi. Now we are going to give you a review of this all in one compact Kodi Build.

Review of Kodi Build Apollo

To make a good review of any software and technical gadget, we should look after all the pro and cons side of the software along with the user interface.

In this review of Apollo Kodi Build we are going to cover the negative and positive side of this Kodi Build afterward we will talk about the User interface of Apollo.

• Huge Add-ons Collection: In case you’re an addon addict, you will cherish Apollo. You could genuinely spend throughout the day filtering through the Apollo addon list.

• Organized Menu: The huge addon gathering said above is correctly sorted out into a wide range of sweet looking menu pages.

• Ares Project Help: Dissimilar to most Kodi constructs, this one isn’t crafted by a solitary engineer. A whole group of volunteers made it and stay up with the latest.

• Ares Wizard: The Ares Wizard is incorporated into Apollo’s menu. If you need to change to an alternate Ares Project construct, you can do as such rapidly and effortlessly.

• Appealing outline: The textual styles are enormous and simple to peruse, and every menu page has an other HD foundation picture.

• Comes with a wide range of add-on type: On the off chance that the full-included variant of Apollo backs your framework off, you can undoubtedly change the lite rendition using Ares Wizard.

• Additional menu to boost up: The “add-ons” and “System” menu pages highlight intense submenus that permit you do stuff like change where records are put away, modify video reserve settings, and the sky’s the limit from there.

Enough of the positive side of Apollo Kodi Build, now let’s move on to the dark side of this Kodi Build.


• Apollo is ease back contrasted with streamlined Kodi Build. Indeed, even my MacBook Pro periodically battles with Apollo when I have a few more application running background.

• Apollo’s never stopping menu choices, and excellent add-on list are amusing to investigate. In any case, an excessive number of decisions can every so often be a terrible thing when your primary intention was to relax and watch a film.

After reading, pros and cons about Apollo Kodi Build it’s time to learn something better. So let me give you the review of the interface of this Kodi Build.


Apollo Kodi add-on is unique among all the Existing Kodi build because it has the best user interface. Every menu page accompanies a picture that fits the topic. Also, the textual styles are extensive and easily readable.

Apollo’s primary menu is costly and assorted. Also, it contains one of a kind classes like Fitness, Match Day and Comedy. Connections to particular addons show up in the submenu found specifically beneath the main menu. On a few pages, gadgets show distinct music collections, films, TV channels, and so on.

Now let’s talk about the system of this Kodi Build.


Apollo Kodi build has a system page with so many powerful tools to provide a better user experience. In the system page, you can find eight submenus.

The most intriguing alternative on this page is the Ares Wizard. With this active form installer, you can without much of a stretch change to different Ares Project fabricates, peruse your popular add-ons, introduce a reinforcement or change the manufacturer’s propelled settings.

Tired of reading about the system? Ok, let me tell you something that you would like. Read on catch our review of Movies offered by Apollo addon.

Apollo Kodi build offers a ton of movies from a variety of flavors. This Kodi builds 52 pre-installed add-ons for films. If you are using Kodi for the first time with Apollo Kodi build you will feel overextend with its homepage.

That’s it for us on reviewing this Amazing Kodi Build. It’s time to close up this article.

Wrapping Up
On the off chance that you like experimenting with new add-ons yet don’t have time to go through manually installing process of Add-ons, give Apollo Kodi build a turn.

With Apollo, you will access to more than 100 different types of add-ons. On the off chance that you have sufficient time to check them all, you may very well locate a couple of new tops picks Kodi Add-ons.

We hope this article was in a position to help you regarding your query on review and How to Install Kodi build Apollo. If you have any question and suggestion, use the comment box to speak your mind.

Gmod keeps crashing? Here is your step by step guide

gmod keeps crashing

Can’t utilize the Physics model Sources properly? Are you not able to create the best sandbox game with ease? These are just nothing but few steps ahead of you. Here we are providing the solutions that make you more creative and resolve your issues with few clicks.

Garry’s Mod Issues on the Windows 10? Standard errors of your PC after its installation that is caused by different hardware failure, malware function, and file losses.

Here we will describe the reasons and necessary solutions of GMod crashing that need immediate attention while faced by players.

gmod keeps crashing


Garry’s Mode, one of the most critical and popular games in recent days. This has gained popularity by adding new features and necessary actions in Sandbox. But, there are specific issues too.

You will face these problems in your Windows OS, even in the latest version of windows. In this article, we will describe to you what issues you can encounter while playing and standard actions that will help resolve these issues.

See also: AM2R free Download


You should be aware of these issues before starting playing. Need to get more information? Watch on the below-mentioned steps,

Stuck with everything! Nothing can be clicked in the Play mode.

You will be more aware of this problem after you start playing.

This is most likely to occur in every step, mainly in the Laptop TouchPad. This is not the way which officially supports Garry’s Mode.

Software issues may trouble you when you use this, and this may be one of the significant and actual causes of this problem.

Have you heard about ‘Palm Protection’ features? This disables the Touchpad software from everything if you press a single but specific key on the keyboard. the existence of this feature is for nothing but to avoid some accidental clicks.

Because you won’t be cautious while typing and anything can be clicked anytime which cause severe system distractions.

To resolve this problem, what you have to do is disable this ‘Palm protection’ from your touchpad software. Or else, another thing you can easily opt for is, buy a proper PC mouse, which will help you play this game without any disruptions.

Can’t disable this in a precise way? Just consult with your tech-savvy friends or guides, or go through the user Manual of TouchPad for getting more information.

• ‘Steam Workshop addons’ is not responding
This is also another most important and trending issue. Problems are created when the workshop mod stops functioning, and you are no longer able to load the game properly. In the addon list, this has been shown ‘Nothing Found‘ most of the times to you.

Do you think it’s a settings problem? But, the thing is that once you set the dates and time on your PC or Laptop, it will automatically reduce this problem.

This can also be caused by fake ‘mods’ or ‘add-ons’ and their unusable functions.

• Black and pink coloured checkerboards and specific signs of ‘ERROR’ everywhere


• When specific game contents are missing, like ‘Half-life 2 Episodes’, ‘Counter-strike: Source,’ ‘Team Fortress 2.’

• Content packs or ‘mods’ are missing from different Steam workshops.

• To watch and utilize its contents precisely, what you have to do is, buy, install and then mount the game.

• Add-on workshops have to be downloaded and installed in case of missing content packs and ‘add-ons’.

• Controller support
No official supports controller is there in Garry’s Mode. You are also able to play this game with the steam controller; however, there are a few problems with it.

Sometimes, this becomes impossible to map all necessary actions required for carrying out the game.

• For this, you have to wait for some time, until the server is updated and the latest version of the game has to be installed before you start playing.

• You cannot downgrade the version of Garry’s Mod, but as the problem is not created by you, so this is not your concern to resolve this issue.

• In any case, if this cannot address the issue, remove the occurrence of ‘steam.inf’ in the steam library.

• Sprays are not working:
Some console variables are getting changed simultaneously, and this will not allow you to see any kinds of sprays on the servers.

• Selection of weapons are missing
To fix this issue, one thing you have to do first is to disable the ‘fast weapon Switch’ on the keyboard. Follow the below-mentioned steps; it will help you to solve the issue,
• Go to the ‘Main Menu’ > click on the ‘options.’
• Move on the ‘Keyboard’ tab
• Press the button ‘Advanced.’
• Give an un-tick to the ‘fast weapon Switch’ > Click on ‘OK’ for the final confirmation
• Go to the options Window and ‘Press OK’ that will allow you to apply for the settings
• ‘Restart your game’ to save all the settings


Is the GMod server not responding to your PC? Are you in trouble with ‘GMod dedicated server not responding’? We have provided key solutions and troubleshoot for fixing these issues.

We hope, these will help you take necessary actions and you will be able to play this game without any hassles.

Solution 1:

set up of High graphics settings.

When you face crashing problem on your PC, this can be due to faulty graphics settings. For fixing these issues, you have to set the graphics to high.

Solution 2: Download should be turned off for the custom files

In case you are facing crashing issues and server not responding Gmod, this can result from contents of the third party. For fixing this issue, the users are struggling every time to get the download files turned off. For doing this, you can check the below steps,

• Just give a start to Garry’s Mode > Click on the ‘options’ > ‘multiplayer.’
• Then you will find one thing, that is ‘When a game server tries to download custom content to your computer’ option.
• What you have to do, is, change this option to ‘Do not download any custom files.’
• While turning off the download, you will see error signs and purple textures, so you are therefore advised download all necessary elements.
Solution 3: Addition of +mat_dxlevel 95 launch
To help the players from Garry’s Mode Crashing, this is recommended to use this specific option. For doing this, you can use the following steps,
• ‘Steam’ should be started > open the game ‘library.’
• Then you have to locate the ‘Garry’s Mode’ > give a right-click on this option > ‘Properties’ have to select from the menu
• Press the ‘Set Launch Option’ button > Click on ‘Enter’ and +mat_dxlevel 95.

Solution 4: Game cache should be verified

If the files get corrupted, Garry’s Mode crashing occurs on the PC. You will see the GMod not responding issues. To fix this, one thing that you should do is, game cache integrity have to be checked. You can check the game cache by the following method,

• Open the ‘Steam’ > Then go to ‘Game library.’
• Garry’s mode > right-click on it > select the ‘Properties’ from Menu
• Navigate to ‘Local files’ tab > click on the ‘verify the integrity of game cache.’
• Wait for some more time to finish the work

Solution 5: Unsubscribe from some add-ons

As we get acquainted with this word, Garry’s Mode relies highly on this. Certain Add-ons create crashing of this game and its server. If you need to fix this problem, unsubscribe from the add-ons, that you had already added when crash started.

Solution 6: Addition of the launch option -32bit

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps,

• Open the ‘steam’ > right-click on the ‘Garry’s Mode’ > select the ‘properties.’
• In the general panel, give a click on the button ‘Set Launch option’ > enter ‘-32 bit.’
• Save changes > Start playing the game

Solution 7: validate Garry’s mode game cache

This game uses different assets from other games, and for this reason, if those games have some corrupt files, it can intern lead to Crashing of Garry’s Mod.

If you need to resolve this issue, what you have to do, is, check the integrity of this game cache mainly for the other related games.

As per some trained players, this is mainly caused by ‘Team Fortress 2′ that is considered to be the common culprit. So, you should evaluate this particular game and then proceed to the other related Source Games.

You can also do this when you face the issue that GMod sandbox server is not working.

Just go through the above steps, you will find it entirely reliable to manage this issue.

Free AM2R Download! Android version-Work with ‘gamepad support’

AM2R Download

Need to download AM2R in your Android! Here are the keys. By which you can easily download and install this game. You can get varieties of necessary information available here. These will make you comfortable and hassle free while playing.

It was several years ago when the most important moment that has lots of significance, had happened in SR388 for Metroid Storyline. This AM2R particularly aims to reinvent another most required Metroid 2, which has complete updated game play and graphics.

It has built up of several new and innovative features that attract the attention of lots of players. Here we have described various informative and necessary ways to download and then install this game.

AM2R Download


As we know Another Metroid 2 Remake is termed as AM2R, this specifies the true character of this program.  This is actually another Remake of second version of Metroid i.e, Metroid2: Return of Samus.

This was initially released for all game boys, in the year of 1991. The main appeal of this was specially the radical graphics which was ahead of days and then preceded gradually towards Super Metroid or Super Nintendo.

In which zero mission was also remade especially for the advanced game boys and from original title which was designed for the NES.

In the Zero missions, all solitudes and the atmosphere of Super Metroid have been added. In addition of new machine games, AM2R has been considered as one of those and most ambitious games among the metroid game fans.


Several unique features have made this possible for the gamers to take this easy and comfortable while playing. But playing should be done quite efficiently so that they can reach the last level by giving their best.

Some features are listed in the following:

  • Most importantly the zero mission style of this Metroid gameplay
  • Map system
  • Minibosses
  • Challenging fights
  • New areas
  • All updated enemies
  • Beam systems that are stackable
  • Totally redrawn enemies
  • Redrawn Metroid sprites
  • Non-intrusive and narrative Log system
  • Best quality sound tracks


They have a good team development and each and every one of their team have made this possible to develop high quality music production, sound designs, level designs, Programming, coding the platform engine, making creative Pixel art and lot more things.

Team have developed best quality graphic design that is Samus and the environments etc. Exceptional Pixel arts such as environments and bosses, backgrounds, Ships, Torizo, innovative graphic designs like endings, promo art, wallpapers, writing assistants such as Logbook, several unique music arrangements like Breeding grounds, Distribution centers are some creativities that are included in it while considering the download and installation.

There are several others in the development team who have contributed more for debugging and play testing.


For some further development, what you have to do is, you have to run through some winding scenarios with your map. This will just be your own guide and this will be generated on spot.

All your equipments will be improved in a sequence which will help you a lot to dodge the obstacles. The enemies can create several hurdles for you that will appear suddenly along your way.


AM2R is really an awesome game suitable for both the Android and Windows OS.


  • First open the ‘Google App Store’
  • In the search option, just type the app name and click on the specific icon provided
  • Then click on the Download option of AM2R
  • Then it will be easily downloaded
  • Install this app precisely that would take a little time (because the file size is not so huge)
  • Once it is downloaded, users can easily play this game by using their PCs or smartphones


As its inventor Nintendo was not so keen enough for releasing this for all Windows users, numerous individual developers have published their remakes.

This provides us the opportunities to play the game with ease on desktop computers. In this way, the main character of this game is controlled, which is Samus Aran.

He has to traverse all underground tunnels of SR338 planet in order to fight dangerous Metroids.

This is one of the most successful game series and has become tremendously well-known on NES, video consoles, and Game Boy by most Japanese Companies.

For doing this, you will have to explore several important scenarios that gradually unveil that specified map. It will help the travelers explore hidden places and search for the improvements, whgich is necessary to beat the enemies and overcome all obstacles.

PC adaptation of this game (AM2R) is not like migrating the whole software from the one end or platform to another.

However, different aspects have also been updated which offer completely new experience of gaming, even for them who are really familiar with AM2R.

As all the development and mechanics are totally new, the gamers always try to keep their eyes on different rivals and other video games that are officially commercialized.

7 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Running Unsuccessfully

Blogging is not a shortcut way to earn money, but if you are dedicated to it and know the rules properly then money isn’t that far away from you.

To run a blog successfully you need to have a lot of patience and have strong determination.

Most of the bloggers leap into this field with the purpose to earn money without knowing the rules and objectives of blogging.

There are certain factors that make a blog run successfully and if they are not performed well then there are certainties that your blog might drop from its position.

In this post, I am mentioning the few mistakes that newbie bloggers generally commit while blogging. blogging mistakes

#1 Boring and inadequate content
“Content is the King”, so make sure your content provides all the required information. Some content carries an attractive title but they lack the material it points to.

A reader seeks information that turns helpful to him, so the flow of inadequate info can bring a downfall to your blog in terms of traffic. Secondly, you should make your content interactive.

Interact with the audience and show them that the issue is really yours. Readers like content that exhibits genuine problems so they find their solutions.

#2 Poor SEO
SEO is another important factor that most of the newbie blogger ignores. Poor link building and low rank keywords can affect your blog.

Most of the fresh bloggers don’t do a proper keyword research before publishing posts.

I used to make the same mistake in my previous years and thus it led to a poor rank of my blog. Then I started using Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool and found high-rank keywords relevant to my content.

Another element is link building with high PR sites. Many newbie bloggers don’t even care to visit other blogs and read them.

Commenting and guest posting to high PR blogs can strengthen your blog rank.

#3 Messy theme and functionality
Using a dull and cluttered theme can create a bad influence on your visitors.

The usage of unnecessary widgets and plugins can slow down your page load time. So better choose a clean template for your site and add only the required widgets.

Secondly, the addition of flash banners and too many videos can harm your page load time.

#4 Inappropriate niche
Before starting a blog make sure you choose an assured topic. A proper niche can gain targeted traffic and leads.

There are advertisers who look for a particular niche to promote their business, so selecting an unfitting topic can lower down your sale.

#5 No content optimization
Content optimization is the process of making your posts friendlier with SEO. This process lacks when you overlook the broken links, duplicate content on the web, meta tags and ‘rel’ tags.

#6 No monetization
Monetization is the way to earn revenues from your blog. Many newbie bloggers do not know about the way to earn money from blogging so they do lack this feature.

The use of Google Adsense or affiliate programs can earn some extra bucks from your website.

#7 Lack of presence in social media
Last, but not least, is not promoting your blog through social media. Making people aware of your presence and publishing contents on networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ or Pinterest can bring more traffic to your blog and you can engage with other bloggers too.

I hope these tips help you direct your blog successfully. For any questions feel free to ask me :).

How to Create an E-commerce Website on WordPress?

If a decade ago building an e-commerce website was a tedious, time and money-consuming task, these days starting up a full-fledged website isn’t a challenge, even for beginners.

One of the most popular and easy ways to launch a professionally looking, dynamic e-shop is to use WordPress. And this is for many reasons:

WP is easy to install and use.There is a myriad of free themes designed exclusively for WordPress.

There are thousands of handy WP plugins (both free and paid).
WP-powered websites can be easily optimized for the search engines.

WP provides you with full control over your website design and functionality.WordPress is definitely the clear winner amongst the most popular content management systems for blogs.

But not only does it serve as a good platform for simple websites – it can also be the perfect base for a powerful e-shop.

You’ll be surprised to learn that it takes just a few steps to create an eCommerce website with WordPress:

1. Create a website using WordPress
It doesn’t make sense to describe the details of the whole process in this post – just go to the official website of WordPress, create a free account there and follow the prompts – in case you stick to their directions attentively, you’ll get your website running pretty soon :).

2. Upload a WordPress Theme
You will find a great selection of stunning WordPress themes on the Internet. In case you’re on a budget, you may opt for a free design.

But in case you need something exceptional – pick a Premium template. Here I must mention that most of the WordPress E-commerce plugins I’m going to describe down the page, come with WP themes developed exclusively for these plugins for better synchronization.

Don’t worry in case you already run a website on WordPress – most of the plugins work seamlessly with any WP themes.

3. Install a WordPress eCommerce Plugin
This is the most important stage of the whole process – it will turn your website into an e-shop.

It’s difficult to pin down the best eCommerce plugin, but we can try to narrow down the selection:

Ready! E-commerce WordPress Plugin (works with any WP themes; comes with many extensions).

EShop Plugin (allows your customers to create user accounts on your website; can be used for making product catalogs without sales).
WP E-Commerce Plugin (100% customizable; comes with numerous tutorials and videos).

Besides these, there are many other eCommerce plugins for WordPress – you can check the whole selection on the official website.

4. Add your products
As a rule, WP plugins are very easy to install and use. So, once your WP plugin is installed, you may start adding your products (images, descriptions) and setting other essential details (prices, shipping details, payment options) – everything can be easily done directly from your admin panel.

Congratulations! Your eCommerce website is ready. Just publish and optimize it for the search engines (use your current SEO pack or install an advanced WP SEO plugin).

Don’t forget about promotion, an awful thing happens without it – nothing :).

8 Best Blog Editing Apps for Android

Editing blogs from your smartphone is not as easy as controlling it from the pc. But with the rapid development of advanced applications made it so easier that now you can publish articles at one click.

Applications made blogging an easy task. With fine and user-friendly interfaces, blogging was never been so easy doing it from the smartphone.

You can manage multiple sites from a single dashboard, create and edit blog posts, share them with the world, reply to comments and do more with the aid of such useful apps. Listed below are the best 8 Android apps for blogging.

Android Apps for Bloggers

1. WordPress: Edit and create posts on your WordPress blog. The app has a simplified interface where it’s easy enough to manage your posts, use images on posts, view site stats and more. The app supports both and self-hosted blogs.

2. Blogger: The official Blogger app by Google lets you manage all your Blogspot blogs. You can create and edit posts, add images to posts and instantly switch to your secondary blogger blog. The app is clean and has a user-friendly interface.

3. Tumblr: Tumblr for Android is the official app having much-advanced features, perfect enough to control your Tumblr blogs.

4. Bloggerdroid: Blogger-droid is a good unofficial Blogger client that lets you manage your Blogger blogs, create/edit posts, embed images and videos and do more with it.

5. Bloggeroid: Another simple looking Blogger client that controls multiple Blogger blogs, share your posts with Google+ circles.

6. BlogPost: An unofficial client that manages your Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal blogs from a single app. You can also format your texts right from the blog editor and add links, photos, and videos.

7. Blogaway: Blogaway is a fast and simple Blogger client that is easy enough to edit, create and share all your posts.

8. Drupal Editor: An app that manages all your Drupal sites and controls their blog posts from one place. Drupal editor is a third party app but good and easy enough to handle your sites.

10 Steps to Successfully Promoting your Business with Facebook

Social media marketing is coming to the fore these days in most of the SEO campaigns, as it is a very effective, cheap and creative way to advertise your product. People love to promote with Facebook because it implies a lot of fun, creativity and socializing.

Besides, it has no strict rules. However, to get the most out of your Facebook campaign I recommend making up a well thought out plan. In this article, I have gathered the 10 most important steps you need to undertake to build an effective promo campaign with FB. Good luck!

Step 1. Create Profiles
To start off, you need to create two profiles – a fan page and your personal page (if you still don’t have one). As for me, I can’t imagine a serious business without a fan page on Facebook.

Your fan page will serve as a mirror of your website – where you will post news, reviews, conduct surveys, etc. Unfortunately, with this page, you can’t ‘friend’ users, and add comments.

For this purpose, you will use your personal page. With your personal profile, you will be able to make new friends, comment on their news feeds, take part in discussions, and so on. A personal profile is also very important in terms of socializing – users are more willing to interact with real people, rather than with fan groups.

Once you have created your Fan Page, you’re bound to promote it. Discover the most effective tips to optimize your fan page in my article Get More Fans: 5 Tips to Promote your Facebook Page.

Step 2. Change Privacy Settings
Facebook cares about its users and offers different privacy settings to choose from. Of course, if your personal profile contains a lot of intimate information, you will prefer to hide it from strangers.

However, when it comes to business, you have to make your page as accessible as possible. By the way, when adjusting privacy settings ensure that the outside search feature is active (it will help your fan page show up on the search engine’s results page).

Step 3. Like. Like. Like.
When you come across a page that contains information about your company, don’t hesitate to like it. This applies both to Facebook pages and non-Facebook posts that feature ‘Like’ button. Remember that you can do this both with your personal page and your fan group.

In case you have a website you would like to promote, ensure that all its posts can be shared through ‘Like’. You can also like posts of other fan groups related to your sphere. By doing so you can gain some attention from other groups’ fans.

Step 4. Share
Once you have created both accounts (featuring the most accurate descriptions, vivid pictures, and business information) you can start promoting your enterprise.

This doesn’t mean sending spam to all your friends and fans. Your actions must be well planned.

Promote your business once or twice a week using unobtrusive means: advertise important events, new posts, sales, special offers, etc. The information you share must be fresh, concise and actual.

Step 5. Take Advantage of Insights
Insights page is an invaluable FB tool. With this page, Facebook helps you understand your audience better. With insights, you can get quick statistics regarding your users’ demographics, namely age, sex, geographical location, etc. as well as see whether people are engaged with the content you publish. By monitoring these metrics you can find out what is working, and what is not in your promo campaign.

Step 6. Diversify Your Content
Add photos, pictures, diagrams, graphs, etc. to illustrate written content. In terms of texts – try to post concise, informative messages, cut out boring and unnecessary information. If possible, tag your group’s fans on your pictures, and don’t hesitate to tag yourself on your friends’ photos.

Step 7. Join Groups
Facebook groups are a good way to share important information with people who are interested in finding this information. For example, if you sell accessories, you can join several fashion and dressmaking groups. There you can unobtrusively advertise your services in the relevant places.

Step 8. Get Noticed
Take advantage of Facebook notifications to promote your business. When you comment on a post that has many comments you get noticed by many people. Don’t overlook this useful feature, as it allows you to interact with other FB users without ‘friending’ them.

Step 9. Interact
One of the best ways to encourage your users to come back to your page and share information about your service is to closely interact with them. This can be done with the help of surveys and various contests.

You can also think up titles and reward the most active supporters. This can be implemented in the form of badges, for example.

Step 10. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads
FB ads are the banners we see when using this social network. The indisputable advantage of these ads is that they can target users by geographical location, age, sex, education, likes, etc.

With Facebook Ads, you can be sure that your advertisement will be displayed exclusively to those people who are potentially interested in your product.

Although Facebook promo campaigns are primarily built on fun, socializing, and creativity, they require a well-planned strategy. First, it may take you a lot of time and effort (when creating your profiles, filling in business information fields, uploading pictures, etc.). But after a while, it turns into 20 min routine.

SEO reviews predict that the importance of social media marketing, especially social cues (likes, shares) only seems to increase this year. So, if you still don’t have a fan page on FB – why not start it right now?