Iomoio: Legal MP3 Songs Download Service

Are you a music lover who wants listening latest songs with good quality? If yes then Iomoio will be a great place for you to download MP3 songs. On Iomoio you can download latest songs at affordable prices legally. Iomoio has a huge list of songs which makes it better than other sites. It has music which is compatible with all major devices.

Huge collection
Iomoio has a huge collection of songs to choose from. You will find over 1730809 tracks with 152589 albums on the site. They have soundtracks of almost 55214 artists. You will get your favorite songs on this site for sure.

Affordable Prices
You will get the soundtracks at affordable prices from Iomoio. They offer the soundtrack just for $0.16. Iomoio will let you download songs at the cheapest price. Not only this even you will get 2 songs for free just by registering yourself on the site.

Easy to Use Search Option
Iomoio offers an easy to use search option which will let you search your favorite soundtrack easily from the huge collection of songs. With the help of the search option, you can also search soundtracks related to the specific category. You will also see the real-time suggestion for keywords you are searching for.

Easy to Register
You can easily register for an account on Iomoio. All you need is just a valid email address to register yourself on Iomoio. You are not required to pay to have an account.

Once you sign up for an account you will get a confirmation mail on your given email address. You have to confirm your registration by clicking on the confirmation link. After having a successful sign up you will be rewarded with $0.32 by which you can purchase 2 soundtracks.

As Iomoio is a Non-US legal MP3 downloads site hence it let you download soundtrack just for $0.16, whereas a complete album consisting 11 songs can be downloaded just for $1.76.

Payment options
Iomoio let you buy the songs by three payment modes. You can add funds to your account via credit/debit card, Gift certificate, Redeem Pin code option. You can add the amount to your account via your internationally accepted credit/debit card.

Iomoio let you add funds by using Thawte SSL security for transactions. The gift certificate will let you add funds by using valid gift certificate number. Redeem pin code is also a method similar to a gift certificate. You can top up your account by using a valid pin number.

Final Note: Overall Iomoio is an amazing site to download soundtracks legally. I would recommend this site to you if you want to download the latest tracks at affordable prices.

12 Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing in Email Marketing

email marketing mistakes

Email marketing is one of the best techniques to attract more customers to your website. Email branding and sending appealing newsletters that read standard enough to invite more people is a form of art in email marketing. Visitors are always enticed towards the best deals and unique content and that’s what matters to them. But there are several factors that make email marketing success.

Things that you should opt out from doing from losing a customer are an important step towards fruitful marketing. A few ‘not to do’ points that I find applicable for a productive email marketing are mentioned below.

email marketing mistakes

Useless content: Readers always seek useful content. Spam and useless contents really piss them off and hence they stop following your site. Send them useful newsletters that include the key link or content instead of writing useless scraps.

Spamming: Too much of emailing unnecessary contents can make you a spammer. Promotional emails are generally considered as spam and if you keep sending the same useless kinds of stuff then that can hamper your site.

Mailing unsubscribers: Unsubscription is done to opt out of receiving newsletters. Avoid mailing people who don’t follow your blog anymore. Delete their emails from your subscribers’ list in case it is not removed automatically.

Showering similar contents: Sending the same email multiple times can increase the number of unsubscribers. Analyze your campaigning account and make sure the email is not sent more than once.

Using abusive words: Do not use abusive words or vocabulary in your emails. The usage of offensive languages can ruin your site’s reputation and hence intensify the numbers of opt-outs.

Not offering the ‘Unsubscribe’ link: Always include an ‘Unsubscribe’ link to your emails so that readers can opt out of emails whenever they want. It’s completely their choice and you don’t hold the authority to stop them from unsubscribing.

Broken links: Avoid inserting links that DO NOT work. Always check the link before using them into the email and make sure it redirects to the relevant page and works properly.

Unnecessary texts and images: Never use texts and images that are not at all required. Unnecessary contents can make the newsletter cluttered and that confuses the reader.

Irrelevant subject lines: Use subject lines that looks decent and attracts the reader and most importantly that is related to the email content.

Messy layouts and customisation Choose a clean and simple layout and avoid using vibrant colors. A clean newsletter signifies your service and it exhibits your presentation.

False contact details: Use the correct communication details as per required in an email. Make sure your contact phone and email work properly and customers can reach you.

Lengthy emails: Cut down the length of your email content and keep it short and simple.
Email marketing is a way to build up a relationship with your customers. A right marketing approach always becomes a pleasing agreement so make sure your startup is precise. Hope the tips I shared works perfectly in your business.

Top 5 Websites to Download Movies Subtitles

top websites to download subtitles

There exist thousands of websites where you can find and download your favorite movies, TV series and shows for free in a matter of seconds. What’s more, these days, with the help of the ubiquitous iPhone and smartphone applications for watching movies you can get the freshest episodes of the most popular TV series as soon as they appear on the net or TV. Isn’t it wonderful?

However, if you’re watching foreign TV series/movies you may face a common problem of many TV series addicts – the new episode is available, but it’s not translated, and there are no subtitles to it. The good news is there are many websites created exclusively for sharing subs.

Because there are so many web resources for subtitles online, it may take you a while to find a decent one. I have already done this for you and narrowed down the list of the websites to 5. So, here they are:

List of 5 Best Websites to Download Movies Subtitles for Free


Best Websites to Download Movies Subtitles

This website is one of the most popular open databases for subs to movies, TV shows, and series. It offers thousands of high-quality subs in multiple languages. It offers a rather easy-to-navigate interface and convenient search (alphabetical and traditional Search box).


top websites to download subtitles

This is a very interactive and dynamic website where you can download the freshest subs to practically any movie/TV series/programme. It even has an active Forum and a Community. It has multiple contributors and is mainly oriented on TV series addicts 🙂


Websites to download movie subtitles

I like this website for its logical structure, great selection of subs, and lots of other useful pieces of movie-related information. On this website, you can equally find high-quality subs, and find your favorite actors’ bios and filmographies. What’s more – you can send a request (in case you can’t find required subs elsewhere).


list of websites for downloading subtitles

Thesubtitles website is created by movie fans for movie fans. It offers multiple subtitle types. The main contributors are the volunteers. In order to get more advanced features you need to register (it’s free.)

On Thesubtitles you can download subtitles even for web and TV series. It supports multiple languages so you can easily download subtitles in your desired language.


how to download subtitles of movies

Not only does this web resource offer subs available in multiple languages, but it also offers detailed instructions on their use (how to download and unpack them, and which additional programs you may need to install to use certain subtitles types). They regularly enrich their database with the freshest subs to the most popular TV shows and recently shot movies.

Go to these resources and compare them to find the one that will work best for you. If you are looking for a place where you can discuss the latest topics related to cinematography, subs and alike – you may go to the Subscene.

But if you’re more interested in downloading subs, reading movie and actor facts – you’d better go to the If you have some subs that you’d like to share with people, you are more than welcomed on Thesubtitles. I hope that this list of the most popular databases will help you find the best resource for you.