Top 3 Plugins to Optimize your WordPress Site for Mobile Devices.

It’s always annoying if your site doesn’t open up in a proper way when you are using a mobile.

Either it takes long to open up the entire page or the contents cannot be seen appropriately. In that case, the visitor leaves the site without having a proper look.

To make it easier for the site administrator and visitor, developers have built numerous mobile friendly plugins for WordPress sites.

Such plugins are optimized to give a mobile-friendly version to the site that will be loaded quite faster than the desktop version of the site in mobile devices.

Mobile plugins are optimized for any mobile or tablet devices where the desktop edition of the site doesn’t open properly.

Mobile Optimized Plugins for WP sites

1. WP Mobile Detector

This plugin detects your site automatically on a mobile phone device. Mobile Detector provides you optional themes from where you can select the one you want to view in mobile devices as well as you can optionally select from your previously installed themes. It also offers site statistics and shows the number unique visitors from a mobile device.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack

Another standard mobile optimized plugin is the WordPress Mobile Pack that includes features like a mobile switcher, themes and color options, analytics, mobile control panel and auto-listing of the site on Mobile Pack.

3. WP Touch Pro
WP Touch Pro is a premium WordPress mobile plugin that consists of a number of advanced features. Along with mobile devices, you can optimize your site for an iPad friendly version too.

With WP Touch Pro you can select optional colors, fonts, and logos for your site and decide how to give it a perfect look on a mobile. Also, there is a Web App Mode feature that uses Java and HTML5 technologies to delivering site contents.

You can create child themes, custom menus, advertise using Adsense or Admob, and do more with it. To buy the plugin you can select from the optional plans and price packages that include the unlimited/developer pack, 5 pack and the single pack starting from $49.

So if you are already seeking for the best mobile plugins for your WordPress site then go ahead and try these.

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